Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Crazy Quilt Journal BOM 2021

 Winter is always my favorite time to do a lot of handwork, and ribbon embroidery is one of my very favorites.  A long time ago I figured that I needed something I could do when the power went out. Something peaceful, something I could do all cuddled up by the woodstove under candlelight.  And hand embroidery fit the mood perfectly for me.  I decided to start with crazy quilt blocks since they seemed to be the best way to practice a wide variety of stitches and still be made into something useful.

This year I signed up to participate in the Crazy Quilt Journal Project. And What is CQJP?  It's a personal challenge to not only expand your own creative self, but promote crazy quilting and hand embroidery work through making 12 blocks in one year.  Anyone can join, just click the link "HERE" and requests to join the fun.  Love to see you there. 

I just finished putting together my first block.  This will be my first time using prints more then solids in my blocks.  I will be using this beautiful Layer Cake  called "Daybreak" @ Moda.  I may add a few solids here and there but overall it's going to primarily be made from this one Layer Cake Bundle.    

Next I need to pick out my seam stitches.  I purchased this book "Stunning Stitches" by Kathy Seaman Shaw.  It is FANTASTIC.  I highly recommend it.

And I'll also be trying some of the tutorials found in this book "Little Flowers" by Di Van Niekerk & Marina Sherdeva.  It's jammed packed full of lovely ribbon embroidery flowers that I can't wait to try. 

 You can find links to both of these books on the right sidebar.

I also will be ordering some of my beads from Fire mountain Gems.  I've used them for over 20 years and my grandmother many years before me.  They  always have great prices and lots of variety, and a huge catalog too.  



Friday, January 15, 2021

What's happening Now in 2021

 2021 is packed full of new BOM projects, SAL's, QAL's, Mysteries, Stitch Along's and Various Challenges.  Plenty to keep anyone from being bored this year, Me included. I already have a list longer then I have time to complete, but that doesn't mean I can't add them into my calendar to do at a later date.  (big grin) 

Visit my Pinterest Board  "Here", to see the bigger list.  If you like keeping up on what's new and happening, make sure your signed up for my emails so you don't miss any.  

I'm getting very close to finishing up several quilt projects from 2020.  I'll have to send some out to be quilted as I'm sure my muscles won't allow me to do them due on my home machine.  The smaller ones I think I might be able to handle.  I haven't tried quilting my own with my home machine in a long time, so I guess I'll find out once I get ready to give one a try.

Flea Market Flowers SAL starts January 25th, 2021.  Its a nice size quilt 76 x 86, And as Lori's designs are, it's absolutely adorable.  Being a farm girl myself, I just love the country feel of all Lori's designs.  

I think I might make this one for my mom who is in her late 80's.  I had been wanting to do something for her to put on the back of her couch to use on those chilly days for a lap quilt.  She loves flowers and gardening and I know she has very few years left in her life. After losing two of my loved ones this year, I understand how important it is to do these things now, while we are able... or we may not get the chance.

Thursday, December 31, 2020

2020 Good Bye!

 This last year was a tough one.  I lost two people very close to my heart.  My son to cancer Dec. 19th, and my very best friend and closest friend in May- to diabetes.  For awhile I was just in shock. I just seemed to go in circles and wasn't getting anything accomplished.  But then the day my son passed... I went and got out my quit project "Ripples", and started cutting my blocks. I cried and I cut and I cried and I cut, then I continued to cry while sewing my blocks together until after three days I had the basic top, waiting for the final decision on borders.  

Letting myself just quit, not thinking about bills, deadlines, the weather, Covis, politics, or anything else happening around me, and it became the best therapy I could have ever asked for.  When I finished that top, and stopped to think about the borders, ...I felt a great feeling of ... well... just  PEACE.   An overwhelming peace like i had let everything else out of me that had bottled up inside for who knows how long, was let go.  I had this feeling of a new beginning. My life had certainly changed. Not the way I had intended or dreamed it would, but it had certainly changed.  

While we are alive we have the opportunity to do something with our lives that is good. That is important. Whereas when we die, we lose that opportunity.  What a wonderful thing it is to still live.  And while we live we should share what we can of ourselves.. so why not share it to help others in some way.  Something possibly that can last for many generations and have a wonderful impact on many lives to come.  We can leave something good.  It can be something we make that might bring joy or comfort to someone, or it might be sharing our knowledge and skills to help others build their knowledge and skills, or maybe just a tip on how to do something a better and easier way.  It's a good thing to share, a worthy thing to be doing with our life while we still have it.

So with that said, I want to take the opportunity this year and hopefully "God Willing" many years to come, and share with my followers products and techniques that I have found that are helping me,  a suffer of MG (Myasthenia Gravis) and hopefully will help you or someone you know who also suffer from a chronic illness, ageing weakness, arthritis, and other disabilities, so that you can continue to enjoy  doing the hobbies and crafts that you love so much or have wanted to learn to do...and  so that you too, can share your skills, knowledge, and beautiful creations with others.  I want to share with all of you, what I'm making and  hope you will give some of these things a try.  And please do share them with  others.

I also will continue to share with you the upcoming BOM, QAL, SAL, Mysteries, and other fun things for 2021.  And many other links to wonderful tutorials and techniques happening this year over the web.  : ) So stay tune and that's it for today.  Have a Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Cozy Things Sew Along Continues


I'm on a roll.... Two more blocks done.  Cozy Things Block 7 and 8.  I'm loving this fabric and these blocks.  I can't wait to get the rest of the blocks finished and up on the design wall to see how it looks all together in one spot.  

It's still not to late to join in on the fun.

Just head on over to Pat Sloans " Cozy Things" sew along.  (see link to the left).

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Cozy Block 5 and 9

 I'm on a roll with my new half square triangle ruler.  No ripping out on either of these two blocks and they both came out to exact size.  So nice to finally have some success.  

Top is block no. 5.  I used the cream/white as the background on this one.  I had not really paid attention to the different prints on my background fabrics, More to what colors were on the print.

So basically this quilt has backgrounds that are either cream with a darker cream print, or cream with a blue print. Like the lower block.

This is block 9.  I like how both blocks came out.
I will try to get the rests of the blocks finished up this week so that next week I can concentrate on putting this top together.

Wednesday, December 9, 2020



Get Ready!

A new sew-along is coming next month.

Head on over to Pat's site "I Love To Make Quilts" for more details.

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Cozy Block 4

 After ripping out and re-cutting my half-square triangle blocks several times I finally used the new ruler that I mentioned in a previous post, to square them up.... Success!!!  Not only did the blocks come out perfect, but the whole block assembled came out perfect.  First one ever for me.  And look at those points on the outside edges... Yay, there is a 1/4" left on ea. of them...

Now I"m going to tell you why I think that this is... My old ruler had me open the half-square triangle blocks and then square it up.  Because I suffer from Myasthenia Gravis, my muscles are to weak to hold the ruler firm enough to not slip and slide a touch while trimming.  The seam of the block would always cause the ruler to rock a bit.  I tried adding velcro dots to it, and other things, but it would still be unsteady.  With the new ruler, you keep your half-square triangle block folded into the triangle shape and it lays perfectly flat.  It didn't slip a bit on all these blocks and ea. block when trimmed was perfectly square to size.  What a difference it made.  I highly recommend this ruler to anyone who suffers from weakness in their hands and arms.  It makes a world of difference.  The link to it is on the Right side of the page.