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It's May Already

Catch up time again.  April just flew by , but then that is what happens when your busy and having fun.  I don't know about you but this lockdown stuff doesn't bother me in the least... Less traffic going by, great time to go for scenic drives,  taking nature photo's, going for walks in the woods, or just staying home quilting, gardening, baking and all around crafting.  The only thing I miss is shopping without a mask, and looking at my fabric in person to match my colors and prints rather then ordering it online all the time.  But I"m an introvert anyway, so there is no place I'd rather be then where there is peace, quiet and in my own little space.
I have four projects I'm sharing this month...YAHOO!!!  With a few medical setbacks, I'm behind on my QAL's but very happy I"ve accomplished what i have while i was feeling well enough to work.
 I have been following along with Pat Sloan on YouTube putting together the "Stay At Home Quilt"…

Crazy Quilty March Week 4

I'm still working on Pat Sloan's Crazy Quilty March Challenge.  So far I haven't miss a day... Yahoo!!!
Some day's were easy peasy, while other day's had me tearing up the whole house searching boxes and cupboards to gather up items of like kind to organize.

I took photo's of my activities during this challenge this week, but with all the people staying home and online these day's, my satellite internet connection is moving at a snails pace, so I'll try to put up photo's of today's prompt and leave the rest for another time.

So, Today's prompt was "New Love"...

I had purchased a fabric collection called "Ballerina Fusion" a Collection I found over at Sojo .
For the pattern,  I had my eye on "Silver Starlight" by Maple Cottage Design, for a long long time,  so today I went ahead and purchased it to go with the Ballerina collection. It's going to be a perfect match.  Don't you just want to cuddle up with …

It's been a Crazy Quilty March

I've been following along with Pat Sloan, Doing the Crazy Quilty March Challenges this month.  It's been great, and I've organized so much stuff, that it's unbeliveable I can fit so much into my smaller space.  Last night  I totally forgot my challenge so today I tackled Two.
Today was to tidy up.  To find a container, drawer, box, bag or what ever and sort through it and put things where like things are to be...
I had this corner of the RV where I have been stacking some containers of quilty / sewing stuff to go through later and organize, three in all, so this was a great opportunity for me to Tidy it all up. 

First thing I noticed is one container was almost all UFO"s.  I have been looking forward to gathering up all of them into one place for awhile now and had a few in a small pile that I had ran across earlier this month. It's so much fun running across old UFO"s. For me it brings back all the excitement I had in the very beginning of wanting to put…

UFO's for 2020

I was talking with some old friends on FB and started looking for photo's of some quilts I knew I had but that I still needed to finish.  With moving several times and everything being stored for so long I was amazed at how many I had started that were not finished yet.  Here are a few of my unfinished objects (UFO's) that I hope to finish this year.

"RRCB"  my first mystery quilt and I believe it was Bonnie Hunter's of Quiltville's... first mystery Quilt A Long (QAL) given as well.  So that shows how old this one is.
It was so fun that I had hoped to do one every year, but like I said, between remodeling homes, moving, and my sewing supplies and equipment being in storage on and off so many years it just didn't go as planned. 

Oh I want to mention that all Bonnie Hunter's quilts are designed to be made from scraps.  So if you have lots of scraps you can't throw away, this is a great QAL to participate in, putting them to good use and clearing sp…

Finally an update!!!

Been a long, long time since I posted anything to this blog. Not to bore you I will do a quick update... Put my home on the market a few years ago, stayed packed and didn't blog while concentrating on finishing up some repairs and improvement on the house until it sold.  Moved into a rental for two years and now I'm staying over at my elderly mom's in a fifth wheel for time being.  It's been a stressful few years and living in a small space is really taking a tole on my patience, but I"m back quilting, sewing, and embroidering again.

I use to give updates on this blog to all the quilt happenings around the web that I could find.
Well that hasn't stopped other then instead of putting them on this blog, i'm putting them on Pinterest, so go check them out.  I will be putting 2020 listings for hand and machine embroidery happenings also on my Pinterest boards, as well as sew a longs.  So if I don't post something new here, then keep watching my boards on …

Grand Illusion Mystery!

Quiltville's Quips & Snips!!: Grand Illusion Mystery! Has started!!!

If you love Bonnie Hunter's Mystery's (I know I Do) then you'll absolutely love this one.

Do you have ton's of scraps to put to use?

Never participated in one of Bonnie's mystery's?  Then this is a win - win opportunity for you. I can tell you now - you won't be sorry.  Even if your a newbie at quilting, (as I was when I first started), Bonnie's instructions and tips are fantastic.

Head on over to her site at Quiltville now for your supply list and read the intro. to this year's mystery.  You don't want to miss this wonderful opportunity!

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Chandelier Quilt-Along

Over at "WeAllSew " there is a new Quilt-Along starting called "Chandelier"

Week One has been posted.  Check it out


Fabulously Fast Quilts

Head over to Tea Rose Blogspot to read all about the new book "Fabulously Fast Quilts" by Amy Smart.  Plus, follow links posted daily to guest blogs, sharing some of their super neat tips on how they speed up their quilt making process.  You can follow along by clicking Here.