Wednesday, February 29, 2012

March UFO Is....

March UFO number is #8 -  For me that is "Flying Colors".

I wish this one was the number for last month as it is suppose to be a Birthday Gift this month.  I hope to at least get it pieced and ready for quilting by the end of this month.  And work on the quilting through April. 

How have I done on the past two months UFO projects?
Not to good I'm afraid.  But then,  I do not expect to get all these UFO's completed (quilted) each month.
 I  Just hope to get the tops finished and hopefully some will get quilted before years end.  
I don't have the strength in my hands/arms to quilt a whole quilt in decent amount of time with suffering from MG-so I know my limits, even though they do frustrate me from time to time. 
Like going to the Home and Garden show last Sunday... it really took a tole on me.  I couldn't hardly  talk or see well Monday, and Tuesday was just as bad.  Today I'm back to near normal and ready to sew some more.  But that was two day's I hadn't planned on doing absolutely nothing.

February was to work on "Sunrise on the Ole' Homestead" - Didn't even have time or energy to get it out of the box.
January was to try to get the top finished on "Hearts Desire" - I almost finished the rest of the leaves around the first border.  But it will probably take me another two weeks to get that part finished.

  I try not to say I'm a failure at this challenge -as I'm making  some progress -  be it at a snails pace.

Treasure your health and your ability to do things while you can.  You never know what might hit you at any time of your life and challenge your abilities.


  1. This quilt is so pretty, I hope you manage to get it finished. It's going to make a wonderful gift. I'm considering any progress on my UFOs as a win each month and I think everyone should - anything that gets a UFO closer to finished counts!

  2. At least you are putting a dent in the ufos! The quilt is beautiful!

  3. Wise words! I think that any progress you make on your UFOs is good progress and eventually every little bit will add up. I don't think I have seen the pattern for Flying Colours before - I do like it!

  4. I haven't finished either of my January or February UFOs either, but hope to make a triple play in March. I switched out my #8 for something easier so I can continue to work on the Jan and Feb ones too this month! Progress is progress, I say :) What is MG? Myasthenia Gravis is my guess...

  5. This is going to be so pretty! I'm with the others - as long as you are inching forward, you are doing GREAT. :D