Tuesday, May 24, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Today is Wednesday and I'm here to share with you some of my WIP's (Works in Progress).

Ever go around cleaning or gardening and while your busy  you see other things that need your attention, but a few minutes later you have totally forgot what it was you were doing or what it was you wanted to remember to take care of?  Well, I decided I needed an apron or two to work in.  One for the housework, and one for yard/garden. Each with a pocket to carry a notepad and pen in, where I could quickly write my "need to do" list .

My mother has always had her favorite old vintage apron  that she wears daily for cooking.  So on last visit, I picked up one of her's to use as a pattern.

I have three cut out, (one is going to be for Mom as her's is getting pretty worn out).
I am now adding the binding.  Pockets are coming last as I want to embroider on them.
Ran out of binding (thought 2 packages would take care of it, but I need another 18" or so for each).  So here is how they look at this point, until I get to the store and pick up more bias tape.  I'll work on their pockets this week and get the embroidery work done.

I am also working on Hearts Desire.  Remember I said this is my very first time ever doing hand appliqué?
Well, I am getting a little better at it, but have learned several things "Not to Do". LOL  My first few blocks I had a light gray pencil that is made for fabric and erasable.   The last three blocks I misplaced my pencil and used a darker gray.  Guess what!  I can't erase the lines. : (  I have already appliquéd all the pcs on (still need to do my detail stitching), and I'm worried now that the lines that are showing, I'll not be able to remove.  If they won't, then I'm going to quilt the background in gray thread and follow some of these lines to cover up my mistake.  The pencil is from the same pack as the other erasable pencils, only this one doesn't have an eraser on it. Maybe that is a clue that it doesn't erase?  Duh!

I've had very little time to commit to sewing the past week or two, and my appliqué work has been the only thing I really have gotten done in that department. .  I've been really busy weeding flower beds, planting gardens, sowing seeds, and trying to keep everything watered.    But -I'd do it all over and over if it meant the end of the cold weather.  

 I love spring. : )


  1. wow, your applique is wonderful! I hope your mark comes out somehow.

  2. I love forget-me-nots - looking good

  3. I use 'Soak' to remove pencil marks from my quilts. Brilliant stuff, and you can have unscented too! I am impressed with your pretty applique--a technique I have yet to try. :- )


  4. Thank you Hazle for the tip. I just read the package of the pencil's and that particular pencil it says is for writing on template material ONLY. So I may be needing that 'Soak'. LOL

  5. really pretty appliques!!