Friday, August 19, 2011


Just wanted everyone to know about a great giveaway over at PSI Quilt 
Today's featured sponsor is green fairy quilts.
The prize today is precuts.
Aren't these gorgeous!
promenade fq bundle
So head on over to PSI Quilt to enter.  Drawing for the winner will be on Monday.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I have these old chiffon curtains that I have been dying to experiment on.
So this week when I downloaded some of my embroidery test designs, I chose this beautiful butterfly quilt block design.
I put one layer of Vilene WSS under the chiffon, and one over the top to sandwich it in-between.

I also used self colored bobbin thread, so that the back looks just as nice as the front.  (shown rt.)

I was very pleased with my first attempt, so I just had to do more.

I did three down the side, and then decided that this design had to much thread for chiffon as it makes the drape of the fabric to stiff (flat) where-as I want the fabric to still have its nice flow and drape when hanging.  So I guess I'll practice with a smaller design later.

My other WIP is my never ending garden work.  There is always weeds.  Two area's we didn't plant anything in so we just till it all up every so often - but as you can see from the photo, the crop of weeds in those area's this month are really doing good. LOL  My corn, squash, amaranth, strawberries, and everything else is doing really good this year also, even though it all seemed to have a very late start with the cool spring.

The straw around plants and between rows has helped keep  the weeding down to a min. in those areas.  So were adding more and more straw as we go along.  Plus it has helped to keep the moisture in the ground during these hot summer days.

Hearts Desire is coming along.  I'm still adding leaves now to my series four blocks.  I was a little worried about all the different greens I used for stems, leaves, etc. but when its hung up, It all goes well together.

It took me awhile to get this project organized with my Hexie Garden quilt I'm doing.  I wanted to catch up with the rest of the Hexie group, so spent a lot of my evenings working on it and very little time on Hearts Desire.  But OH, Hearts Desire kept calling to me to come back... so now I work on Hexies in the Morning before garden work, and Hearts Desire after dinner.  It is working out great and both are coming along nicely now.  If you want to see how my Hexie Flower Garden is coming along, just click Here.

More embroidery testing of course.....  Here is the latest test outs.  
Starting with BEES

Moving along to some Sea Shells

And finally some more Butterfly Circle Quilt Blocks.
All embroidery from Ace Point Designs
Found Here and Here.

To see more Works In Progress from other Quilters 
Visit Esters Blog.  And don't forget to check out Ester's New block of the Month.
It's going to be another beautiful project that I can't resist.
Have a great week everyone.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hexie's - Watching my garden grow

My Garden is Growing!!!
I have added more background hexies to the initial cluster posted a week and a half ago.
And I have Six new flowers blooming. : )
Go see what other gardens are growing over at Pigtales and Quilts

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

WIP Wednesday

It's that time of the Week again for updates on WIP This Wednesday.
I'll start with projects that are outside.  Fencing, lots and lots of fencing.  LOL  We started this project a couple years ago, and add a little more every year.  We have turned the corner now and are going up the north side of the yard.  These little 18 fence boards was our budget for last month.  Well that and the primer and the over paint... I sure could have bought a lot of nice fabric with what this little section of fencing cost.
And were doing a small lattice fence in front of the garden.
We raised the whole garden area earlier this year, then put in RR ties for a retaining wall and added plants (actually I planted seeds and they are just now getting up where they look like something - lol).
We had some 2x8 pre-coated lattice panels so we decided to use it as a border fence at the top.  All in all it will take about 7-8 pcs and we only had five so we'll have to buy some more of the lattice as well as the top rail to hold it taunt.
While it was yet cool this morning I went out and weeded on my front flower bed ( a never ending task)
I couldn't resist multi-tasking and decided to make some Sun Tea while I was slaving away in the beds.
It tastes oh so good after sweating in the gardens.  In the jars I put some Lemon Verbena leaves.  That will give it a little lemon flavor since I didn't have actual lemon. LOL
Ok, outside chores done, I'm charging my camera batteries and looking at my schedule for inside things to do today.  My schedule book looks like this:
It's a three ring binder with tabs.  To Do's for today, My shopping list (which also includes my Needs, Urgent needs, and Wish list); Future (which are things that I do only once a year or twice a year - you know seasonal things); How To's (tips on getting things really clean, organizing etc., and my to Schedule in later projects).
I print out a months worth of blank forms at a time.  I make these up to fit my life - so if you decide to try this, you would adjust to fit YOU.  Oh can you see the little WIP Uploads on my schedule for Wednesdays. LOL  
I have lots of blank lines to fill in the things that change or come up at the last minute.  But I do have certain things I have typed in that never change - like my morning routine of making the bed, fixing breakfast, washing dishes, etc.  I have it set up for morning (which I try to do all my outside stuff during before it get's hot); then I have my afternoon (which my my main sewing/embroidery time, as well as housework); my later afternoon time is almost always computer and more sewing/embroidery; Evening which is hand work in front of the tv.; and since my house is two levels, I have my upstairs project space which I have located at the bottom of my page to tear it off each day.  My sewing is upstairs as is my office, so I just tear it off and take it with me upstairs so I dont' forget anything.; I also have a space for scheduling in things.  If I run out of a certain color of thread for example, I'll write in to order it.  I am still revising my schedule somewhat, but it is working better then anything I have ever tired in the past.  One thing I make myself do is to try to do as much as I can that I have planned in that day and not slack off.  It is flexiable, and my Weekend list has a space for those project that for one reason or another I didn't or couldn't complete during the week - to be completed.
Since I am now upstairs in my office, I decided to clean my office up - it wasn't scheduled but it needed it.  : )
Next it is into my sewing room - Oh goodness, I left it mess last night.
This is what happens to my cutting table when I have several projects all going at once.
So here is my WIP for my sewing/quilting/embroidery.
Table is cleared off, and I laid out my Hearts Desire Block four (or three of them - the other one is downstairs having the torns stitched on).  I have most my vines, some of my leaves and all my next pcs. cut out on freezer paper.  I have my new green too, and it matches really well. : )
On my design wall is "flying colors".  I finally got the center pc. put together.  I am now laying out possible border colors to go around this section.  Next I have to make the blocks for the right/left/top/bottom sections that will sew to this.  It's a large quilt and I really do not have to have it done until March 2012 - but want to keep doing  a little every couple weeks so that I know I'll get it done on time.
My newest project is the "Flower Garden" Hexies.  I've never done Hexies before and they are a lot of fun to do.  Fast and easy to take with you when your traveling or visiting someplace.  I did all these last evening.  And I especially love how they are like a puzzle and you can re-arrange and make the design up as you go.
Since I've been doing applique  and feel a little more comfortable with it, I decided to add appliqued leaves here and there to my flower groups.  
Well that is all that I'm doing today, other then cooking dinner, washing more dishes and drinking my Sun Tea.

Wantobe Quilters

Wow, The Wantobe Quilter campaign is off to a great start. 
This Campaign is NOT just for beginner Quilters .... Both Beginners (Wantobe's) and those who have been quilting for awhile have a chance to enter to win wonderful quilting prizes.  

On Mon, Wed and Fridays the new beginner quilter (one who is a true Wantobe) has chances to win wonderful prizes of supplies to get you off and running in the world of quilting. Even though the campaign started Aug. 1st - Wantobe's can still sign up, just follow my blog, and comment to this post that you are a follower of my blog and a Wantobe.  I'll send you some more important information via email.

Those who already have been quilters for awhile can enter drawings for prizes on Tuesday's and Thursdays.
More information is at Stash Manicure.  The prizes are Great and I do mean Great.  

Pigtales and Quilts: How Does Your Garden Grow - Sew Along!

Pigtales and Quilts: How Does Your Garden Grow - Sew Along!
I think I'm suppose to post these on Sunday's but I got a late start.  So here is what I have done so far. (Not all the flowers are connected yet, but you get the idea. ) This is my very first time ever making Hexie's  and I think I'm hooked.  What is so neat is how fast you can make these little guys, not to mention you can put the parts in a little ziplock baggie and take them anywhere.  They are awesome.   I think another thing I like about them is they are like a puzzle.   And I love puzzles. You can lay them out on the table and design as you go, changing the pcs. around and totally transforming the design to please your purpose.
I made my own little hexie plastic template forms, punched two holes in it for a pin to slide through, and it worked out great.

 I found out that I needed lots of them though as you can't remove the template from one, until you have stitched all the way around it with other attaching hexies.  Originally I started with about a dozen, now I think I have about three dozen cut out. I did my cutting of templates and fabric hexie's one late afternoon, and then assembled to this point last evening in front of the tv.  So like I said, they go together quick.  I did add the little applique leaves, which took a bit longer, but made it so worth while.  : )