Monday, March 7, 2011

UFO Challenge

I've been updating my progress of my very first UFO challenge (Buffalo Ridge) - which is now waiting for some more fabric as I'm going to re-do all the embroidered blocks.  So until I can pick up the fabric I want it is back in it's box laid out in the order I want to pc. it together in.  That was January's Challenge project.

For Feb. I had the little cocker window quilt.  It was going to be a little wall hanging for my office.  It has very little work left to do, so I kept putting it off and putting it off thinking I had plenty of time to finish it before months end.  Well, it didn't happen and here we are in March already.

For March the number was #1 - which is my Safari quilt.
Now there is still quit a bit of work on this one to do.  Meanwhile I have two contests I'm entered into this month that need to be completed - so they are taking priority over all others. But who knows, If I would get off the computer and get busy sewing I may be able to get them all done before months end and catch up.  Now that would be a nice surprise. : )  Happy Quilting Everyone.




  1. Love the cocker spaniel wall hanging! Isn't it funny how many things we find on the web that we then want to make? Your Safari quilt is beautiful.

  2. Yes, the little cocker wall hanging is adorable!! I am always amazed at your wonderful eye for detail and design!