Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I guess it's about time to share some more of my WIPs.  

Hearts Desire:  I'm working on the big flowers on the blocks now.
Here is how it looks to date, all laid out on the table.

Peaceful Pathways:  I dedicated a hour or two , two day's a week to this project, keeping Hearts Desire my priority to get completed at this point.  Here is what I have done so far on PP.  

Other then these two projects and my Hexie Flower Garden (which will be posted by Sunday), I've been busy with just normal fall activities....
  •  Harvesting the garden (what's left of it after the deer went through and had a tummy full).  I was able to freeze up about 15 bags of corn; 6 bags of beans; can 13 pints of sweet relish; harvest my cabbage and onions; and soon will be digging carrots and harvesting winter squash.
  • Working on last months mowing, pulling weeds, transplanting some flowers I want to relocate, and soon rolling up those hoses and putting away garden tools.
  • The ground is being torn up to allow for a sidewalk, and new steps - gravel has arrived and concrete as soon as the forms are laid.
  • Then I'm looking forward to some indoor - relaxation time, along with a little more sewing/quilting.
Happy October Everyone!


  1. Your Heart's Desire looks fantastic! Hope you maintain momentum (I didn't ;-)

  2. Both Looking great Rhonda, colours are lovely in HD. and the fabric choice for Peaceful Pathways is lovely. I always enjoy taking time out to go back through your blog, you do wonderful work. Cheers Glenda

  3. PS Would you mind uploading a photo of your HD in to the photo's area of Esther's group????? Lots of us are still working away on our HD and it is always motivating to see where others are up to!!!!!

  4. I love your colors for Heart's Desire! Very pretty.

  5. WOW, can't wait to see your finish quilt..Very pretty colors.....

  6. Oh, your Hearts Desire quilt is lovely.
    I love the colours.
    Blue and Green is something you don't see everyday.

  7. I love the beauty of the blue and gold! Really looking good! Like the teal color you're using for the other quilt....