Wednesday, November 2, 2011

WIP Wednesday

It's time to post my WIP again.
Above is "Peaceful Pathways" - a BOM provided complements of Esther Aliu
As I mentioned back at the beginning of this project - this one is going to go to my sister "Brenda".
She loves God and loves the ocean - so I"m making this in teals with some sea life embroidery touches.

I did the set in "whole block" heart option for the corners.  Not sure how well you can see how I did in from these photo's but I'll give it a try.
I first attached the top  border to a heart at each end.
I did the same with the bottom border before proceeding to attach the hearts to the corners of the center of this quilt.  I then marked my 1/4" stitch line on each corner of the heart.  

I then stitched up to the corner and stopped. I did do a small backstitch to hold it firm.
Next I did a clip in on the heart fabric only, just a little short of that corner stitch.  This allows the fabric of the heart to bend around the corner.

Then I put my needle back in at the corner, and did another back stitch (up the same line I had previously made.  Coming back towards the corner - needle down at the turn point, I then swiveled the corner, lining up the next edge and stitching about an inch or two and doing a back stitch to hold.
I then pressed it .
After I had all four heart blocks attached to the main center of the quilt, I then attached the side border to the ends of the heart blocks.  Since I already had an inch or so  started down each side, it was easy to set in the rest of the border.
I am now going to figure out how to set up a light box, so that I can trace on my quilting pattern for the hearts, and possibly even the rest of the center of this quilt before the next bom instructions are released, plus I still have one more row of hst to put around the center.

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  1. I did my corners the same way. Your quilt is beautiful.