Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WIP - Wednesday

Peaceful Pathways 
On schedule and Loving It!
Yes, my words are a bit off straight - I am not sure if I will need to re-embroider them or just take them lose and try to adjust them to get them straighter.  Thankfully there is only two or three that look really off.
Peaceful Pathways is a part of Esther Aliu's BOM.  

Orca Bay Mystery

Step One cut, sewn and some are trimmed.  

Step two, cut sewn and trimmed.
I'm now back on schedule and ready for the next clue.
I am using greens where Bonnie used blues, and blues, where Bonnie used reds.
Check out Bonnie Hunter's blog over at Quiltville to join in on the fun.


  1. love both quilts can't wait to see them done.

  2. Peaceful Pathways looks wonderful! Love the pieced border.

    Good start on Orca Bay! I haven't jumped into this one but the little string blocks ARE cute :)

  3. I'm using greens for the string blocks too! Great job so far ;)

  4. I absolutely adore those string blocks, they're such a pretty color and go so well with the hour glasses.

  5. Great progress on your blocks - can't wait for tomorrow am for the next step!

  6. Peaceful Pathways looks wonderful! And what a nice change to see it in blue. Stunning!

    The mystery pieces look very interesting too!