Friday, December 23, 2011

More Fun for 2012!

Wow, 2012 is going to be a really, really fun year.  Here are more activities to join in on.  Remember to check my Mystery Quilts and More page for links to a listing of more.  

The Sew Happy Geeks QAL
Fabric Requirements are posted now.
The QAL starts in January.
Oh yea, forgot - there is also a giveaway.
Check it out.


It's another year of Rainbow Scraps over at SoScrappy.  I tried to do a few blocks last year, but kept 
changing my mind, so got lost in what my ultimate goal was.  I still want to do something Rainbow.
This year thing might be a little different, so here is the link button to keep updated on the rules.


And lastly, not an activity upcoming but I wanted to share with you all that there is hope in entering giveaways .  I entered quite a few of the blog hop giveaways this year due to finances being in a crunch and my fabric stash, and other supplies diminishing to an all time low.  Plus I am a fairly new quilter and still needed things, like rulers,  etc.  So I entered those giveaways that offered fabric, tools, notions, and other things I might need this year. Plus a few that had offered things i probably didn't need, but would make things easier in life or just to be enjoyed (like goodies to eat) - lol.
 So far this year I have won two fabric bundles and a Great Quilt Calendar for 2012.

This week I received notice that I have won a cute Crypton Super Fabric shopping bag  from Green Bag lady.   Many of our stores are going to start using the BYOB  (Bring Your Own Bag) rule this year and if you don't- you get charged extra for their plastic bag. Even though that charge isn't a lot, I can see it adding up over the year.  I'm trying to cut more expenses, not add to my expenses this year.  So since  I didn't have one, didn't want to buy one, and don't want to get charged extra every time I buy groceries, I  figured I would need to sit down and make several pretty soon.  Hoping I had enough supplies so that I didnt' have to buy anything extra. So when this giveaway came along, I just had to enter as this was a soon to be "need".

They are so cute, and look like they are really well made.  I think when I sit down to make a few more, I'll see if I have some fabric that will coordinate with the color of bag I receive.  Then I'll have a set.

Well, long enough post.  Have to get moving this morning and get chores done so I can go Sew.  : )

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