Sunday, December 4, 2011

Occupy My Sewing Room

After breakfast, and household chores I occupied my sewing room by 9am this morning.  
By first break I had my Hearts Desire borders basted to the backgrounds and the edges pressed to prepare them for applique.  

I continued to work on Hearts Desire on through lunch, non stop.
All my little pcs. leaves, flowers, vines, basket parts, etc. are all traced on wax paper now and ready to be ironed onto their fabrics tomorrow.  After that I took another break (still skipping lunch) but grabbing a brownie to munch on.  I added a small dk. blue border to my Hearts Desire Center, (I think it's called a flang???).  Anyway, I quickly hung it all on the wall with a couple of my border pcs. pinned in place to get an idea on what colors I want to use in the details of the border tomorrow.
I'm really looking forward to tomorrow and adding the details to the border.  Unfortunately I have an errand to do first, which will take me at least half the day.  But I should still be able to get at least some of the detail applique pcs. cut pressed and in place on the border before end of day.

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  1. This is looking FANTASTIC! Love the color choices. Glad to see you making such great progress.