Thursday, December 8, 2011

Where I'm at Wednesday - Occupying my sewing room.

I posted this last wednesday for my Occupy sewing room challenge, but I haven't gotten any more done YET... Today is another day to work on it.  Anyway I want to share with everyone from Esther's groups what I've accomplished so far on Hearts Desire. 

2:30 a.m. -  Wednesday morning I awoke from a dead sleep to think I needed to cut more applique pcs.  That I forgot to mirror image the vines coming out of the basket.  Thinking that maybe the came out each side of the basket and I had only cut and ironed enough for one.
  Realizing what time it was, I  forced myself to go back to sleep and awoke again at 5am.
I went immediately into the sewing room to check out  the pattern to see if I need to cut more pcs.  
WHEW, I had done it right -- must have been having a nightmare. 

 I've been working hard in my sewing room - Honest.  But I don't have a lot of photo's to share. The process is very time consuming, moving along (it seems) at a snails pace.   Wednesday I stitched the center of the quilt to the border.  (I know the directions said to wait until the border was appliqued), but I wasn't sure how that border was going to fit, or how to miter the corners, or how the blue part of the border was going to fit....(worry, worry, worry).    
It took me most the morning to get it all fit in and stitched, but I got-er-done -- YAY!!!
  Here it is, baskets pinned- center stitched to border.

Today I continued....
Applique, pin, applique, pin... All baskets attached (not handles except one) And one vine attached.  

See the little yellow note pinned to the upper rt. corner?
It tell's me that I drew my placement design for the vines and flowers in reverse - so I need to spritz it with some water, and re-draw it on.  If I don't leave myself a note, I'll get engulfed in the applique process and totally forget.  LOL
More errands again tomorrow.  It's 50 miles to town and 50 miles back so once again I'll be gone at least half the day.  I enjoy living in a small time, but it sure can be inconvenient at times.  Seems no matter how hard I try to only go once or twice a month, something else comes up and we have to go again.  I just want to stay home and quilt!


  1. That's a lot of wonderful work! I wish all the time you are longing for to stay home and quilt. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. What a gorgeous quilt! Yeah - this Occupy Day "party" was a great idea!

  3. Absolutely stunning quilt... Beautiful.
    Always, Queenie

  4. Oh wow it sure looks amazing Rhonda I have not stitched the borders to the center yet. I am hoping I have enough fabric for the scalloped edges. Keeping my fingers crossed oh my toes too.

  5. This quilt is simply beautiful and it's not even finished yet! Well done!

  6. Oh you have quilting fever! Applique is addictive!

    This quilt is coming along so beautifully, I am seriously impressed with your choice of colours and workmanship. HD is an intense quilt and yours is coming along beautifully, thank you for sharing, I love seeing progress pics

  7. Hi Rhonda, I was browsing your web site yesterday and thought how lovely your HD quilt was and here it is again today, lovely to see you have found some time to do more work on it. It is very beautiful

  8. I love this colorway. Says a lot about Esther's patterns that they look gorgeous in any color.
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful quilt.

  9. Oh Dear...2:30am ? Your HD is looking good - wish mine was so far ahead!