Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday's Ramblings

Another win package arrived.  Three Great Patterns and fabric from Sandy over at Quilting for the rest of us.  I can't wait to do these patterns.  Have you ever been to Sandy's blog?  You really should go check it out.   I was really impressed with her work.

Oh, and  just look at this gorgeous layout she is working with right now.

As for what I'm doing.....I'm still working on the NYE mystery by Ann Smith from the Yahoo Groups QTMystery Quilts.  This is also my FO Challenge project for January.  
I started a day late but it's coming along.  I'm up to clue 8 of the 9 total.  
Here is a sneak peek of just some of the little pcs. I have made so far.

 These bottom two photo's are off color.  The ones above are more correct. Especially the center one.  The green is very minty - sea foam in coloring. LOL  

Well back to work.  

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  1. Lovely colours - looking forward to see the mystery solved.