Monday, February 13, 2012

Sewing Area Re-Organization

I just had to take a stop from quilting and sewing and re-organize my sewing space.  I started to do this last month, but got busy with projects and didn't get to finish.  So starting yesterday, after finishing up some blocks, I tore into the room, piling everything on the table.
It always get's worse before it get's better....

then slowly things start to come around.
 Fabric shelves  in the corner, with some of my scrap bins on top.
 Current Project are in stack-able drawers next to ironing board.

 I brought in my office table corner unit and hooked up my Dell here. 
The reason is, I still have to run Windows XP for my embroidery program to work with my Janome.
Until I spend the 500.00 to update my digitizer program, I'm stuck with my old computer.
Before I was having to pack my machine upstairs to plug into the computer every time I wanted to upload designs to my machine.  Now I"m plugged in right beside it.  
I also brought my printer down.  No more climbing steep stairs to get things done.

My main cutting table is still upstairs.  It is for big projects and is 4' x 6' and has a large cutting matt on top.
But for now, I'll do most my cutting here on the old dining table.  
I still have one stack of books to put away and find a spot for some more current projects that don't fit in the stack-able drawers.  The blank wall behind the cutting table will eventually be my design wall.

 It's not perfect, but it will function better then I had it before. 
Needless to say I didn't get much sewing/quilting yet today. 
Ahh, time to go sit, relax, have a cup of java, and admire what I've accomplished so far this morning. 

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