Thursday, October 31, 2013

A little Glamping Work...


Glamping seems to be all the rage now day's

for people who love to get out and relax enjoying
the great outdoors.  Vintage travel trailers are in high demand, 
but occasionally one can find a good deal and with a little work, 
have a really  fun and livable RV.
My sister's new baby is a 1965 Fleetcraft. 

My Brother is working on the Construction / renovation of this
 little gem.

The original seats to the dinette were covered
 with this green material.With that removed, we
 revealed a very deteriorated blue vinyl. 
For some unknown reason, someone 
had cut off the vinyl on the back edges of all 
the cushions.  However the foam itself, was still
 in good condition.

I was given the opportunity to make new covers- here are the final results.

Meanwhile, My mom also caught the glamping 
bug.  (It is definitely contagious as  you'll see as 
you read down further).
Here is her cute little  trailer after my brother did 
some renovation and added a "Pink" paint job to it.

Mom has already made new drapes and added pink accents 
to the kitchen.  This trailer was the most expensive of the ones
 shown here, but had just minor renovation work that needed 
to be done. I'm working on the cushions now and will share once we get them
installed. I will be doing two sets for this trailer (dinette and couch).  

Our Father in heaven works in wonderful ways. He knew we could never afford 
one of these ourselves and so He surprised us with one.

DH was doing some yard work for a client and just 
 asked about it casually in conversation. 
They said it was purchased back when their 
daughter  was doing horse activities, 
and has sat out in the field for the past many 
years.  They didn't really do anything with it and 
so they offered it in trade for his yard work.  
What a surprise.  You see, God does bless us 
with our desires at times, not just our needs.  
Isn't He wonderful!

We now are happy owners of our very own 
1967 Aloha.  And it even has the Aqua appliances.


Honey was in such a hurry to start working on it, he had the interior torn apart before I could get
 my camera and take before photos of the upholstery.

I will be doing a dinette set, couch (that folds out into a bed), upper bunk, 
pillows and drapes for this one.

Meanwhile, my brother also caught the bug, 
and since he has two growing boys, and three 
BIG dogs, he went with a very old and rare 
motor-home for his glamping rig.  I just finished 
some silk/blend drapes which are in a steel blue 
(not showing the correct color in this photo-they 
are more the shade of the couch). 

It took 11 hours of cutting, sewing and pleating these, but the effort paid off --
They are gorgeous and I love the drape of this fabric.  
I'm doing some very cute vintage pillows now for this rig.

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