Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Just Takes 2 / Benjamin Biggs

Just Takes 2 |Benjamin Biggs

Last year I participated in the first "Just Take 2 QAL"  and LOVED it.  
This year it's the fabulous Benjamin Biggs Quilt. 

Biggs_Quilt_adjusted_2_(1) (2)_2wtmk

 I want to to put this one on my priority list for sure.

 I learned a lot last year, some of the blocks were easy, while other's very challenging, but it was those challenging blocks that really made me feel like I was achieving some great success in the further development of my quilting skills.

I HIGHLY recommend this project to everyone, especially those who want a quilt that will be loved and remembered for many generations to come.
  Click HERE for more details.

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