Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Quilt Mystery Challenges, Inspiration, and More...

Every Morning, after breakfast, my honey goes upstairs to my sewing/quiting room and starts the portable heater to get it warmed up for me.  After two days of hard wind, then rain/snow this morning, it really is quite cold up there.  So while it is warming up, I spent a little time (to much time probably) searching the Internet to find out what is new, and if there are any new mystery's challenges, BOM or BOW, and so forth in progress or starting up that I can add links to from my pages.  So here are a few sites to share this morning:

Happiness Key button smallPat Sloan is having a new mystery challenge.
It's called "Happiness Key" and it just started so there is still time for you to get in on the fun.  Emilie Richards has the first two chapters of the story already posted for you to read.  Her link is posted from Pat's Page. I'm not totally sure of how all this works, but I am thinking you need to read the story by Emilie for some clues to this mystery quilt.  I suggest you check out Pat's page for further information.  I'm going to try to take time tonight to read through it all again and Emilie's story.  This really sounds like a lot of fun. But then I'm a mystery addict I think, so anything mystery is appealing to me.

If you haven't checked out Quilt Inspiration lately or if you never heard of this site - It is really a must see.  Not only does this site feature a huge selection of inspirational quilts, but it has a very nice selection of free patterns, tutorials, and more. 

I ran across Jane Sassaman's site this morning - linked from another site I was on, and have spent some time on it looking around and admiring her work.  She also has a free pattern page with quite a few wonderful patterns available.  I love her "Tree of Life" pattern. : )  Another one that I'll have to try to fit in this year. LOL

Well, my sewing room should be all warmed up by now - so it's time to get off the Internet and get to work on some of my projects.  Have fun creating today and I'll try to write some more tomorrow.

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