Friday, February 18, 2011

Weekly Quilting Updates

I have had several quilt projects going at once this week.  I kept the embroidery machine busy, doing blocks for "buffalo ridge" (which needs to be re-named).  Here are two layouts with the blocks so far. This is my January UFO Challenge quilt.  And there is still a long long way to go to getting this one finished.

While the embroidery machine was working, I cut out my brown bag challenge blocks.  Here is what I have cut so far.  More to come next week on this project.  It is another log cabin type of block so should go together rather quickly.
And I was cutting out and sewing together (in-between hoop changes) my rainbow scrap challenge blocks.
I had to play catch-up as I missed the January (blue) blocks.  So here are both the blue and February (red) blocks.  I used the Civil War block patterns - even though the fabrics are not to that era. LOL

I also started cutting out my January Monochromatic Challenge blocks, and added borders to my February Monochromatic Quilt ( which is also the Superbowl mystery quilt).  I even managed to square up RRCB so it's ready now for it's borders, and cleaned up my room before quitting tonight. : ) 

Oh and before I go, check out the Dot's quilt project button at the bottom of the page.  This is going to be another very fun quilt to do.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


  1. I love that you mixed the rainbow challenge with the Civil War Blocks! They look great.

  2. Your blocks for the blue and red scrappy challenge are very cute! I've been visiting Barbara Brackman's Civil War site frequently and I should just jump in and get some blocks made, because I seem interested enough! Thanks for the nice visit.