Saturday, February 26, 2011

Year of the P.I.G.s !!!

Year of the PIGSThis is the Year of the Pigs over at Jills Ramblings. I have added a button here to make the link quick and easy for you.

I also have one on my menu on the left (just scroll down and you'll find it) - so it's always easy to find later. 

So Just what is P.I.G.s?  It stands for 'Projects in Grocery Sacks'.  Mine are in those little plastic grocery baggies, and in pizza boxes - lol.  Every couple weeks Jill asks some questions to bloggers and non-bloggers to answer.  And every month she will pull a name from Mr. linky posts to announce a winner of a prize.  It's all in fun and hopefully it will help me to finish some of those projects I still have in my grocery bags.  I am particapating in the UFO challenge as well so am combining the challenges together.

February's question was "What are you working on and what have you finished"?
My answer is that I'm working on my January UFO "Buffalo Ridge" - which wasn't even cut out when i started and I'm still making changes to the embroidered blocks so it's going to be another month probably before it is in the 'flimsy' stage. LOL
I am also working on my Fab. UFO - which just need to have the quilting finished and then label and binding.  It is a small table topper/wall hanging so I should have it done in a few days. 
Another project I'm working on is the Monochromatic Challenges.  January's is mostly cut now, but waiting on some more yellow - pending my next trip to the fabric store.
My Feb. is in the flimsy stage as well, but now ready to layer and quilt.
I did the RRCB mystery put on by Bonnie Hunter and it is now squared and ready for the borders.
This is my biggest quilt ever - and I'm not rushing on it.  Just love doing this quilt.
I also am doing several bom project, the Brown Bag Challenge, and some other mystery's. LOL
What have I finished?  None of them yet - sorry to say.  They are all getting closer, but I have planned to do them in stages.  All my piecing to the flimsy stage, then set aside a couple weeks to just quilt all the flimsy's I have done up to that point.  I think I'll do that sometime in March, and then maybe every other month after that to keep the process going.  Because I have to move from upstairs to downstairs to pin my layers, it is easier for me to just set everything up at once for that next process. Then go back to cutting and assembling flimsy's for a few weeks. 
Hope more of you will join in the PIGs fun.  And share here what you have been doing along with your link so all visitors can go see. : )


  1. Your Buffalo Ridge blocks are gorgeous! Are you going to border them? That will be a great quilt!

  2. Thank you LuAnn,
    I'm not sure yet. I do know that I didn't like how my embroidery work disappeared in the center blocks, so I'm re-doing them. then I'll go from there.

  3. I'm going to have to scroll back to see the Buffalo Ridge blocks. It looks like you are making some progress on the PIGS, and the UFOs.

  4. It sounds like you are making great progress on the quilts that you are working on. Soon, you will have a bunch of finishes and be able to start new PIGS or projects. Woo hoo!!