Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sewing Room Organization

I had to take some time and re-organize my sewing room.  I can't function in a mess and it doesn't take long before I find my sewing space full of clutter and disarray.
First a look at how things get piled up on my tables.  The fabric in the back is actually already in the organization stage (shelves on the left) but the shelves on the right along with the top of all, I hadn't gotten to yet.
Now see how nice the shelves look all organized again (right).  : )
I went through every pc. of cotton, and cut up the smaller pcs. into strips , then sorted my strips by color and put them in the bins you see on the top.  All fabric that is around a fat quarter size or larger I folded, and put on the shelves by color.  I was surprised to see how much blue and green I had, and how little neutrals, browns, pinks, purples, yellows, etc. I had.  Now I'm in a panic, that I need to re-stock those colors I'm lacking in as I have several big quilt projects upcoming that will need them.  I shouldn't have any problems coming up with a monochromatic blue or green quilt when the times comes. LOL

The industrial sewing machine top is cleaned off too now - I just didn't take a photo of it as I wanted to share this corner the most.  I see my walls look pink in this photo - but in reality they are very light yellow.  LOL
 To the left was my cutting area before I re-organized.  You see in behind it my floor standing racks that hold my roll of batting, and stabilizers.
My real cutting table is still in storage, so I'm temporarily using this little dining table - which is way to small, and low.  Under the table is more scraps to be cut, a TV that is going to be mounted up on the wall later, and some rolls of webbing and Velcro.  More large rolls of batting, stabilizer, etc are stacked in the corner.  It bothered me to no end every time I went to work having all this stuff just piled around the table.

The lower photo to the left shows how I took closet brackets, mounted them to the wall, placed my dowels across and put most my rolls of supplies up off the floor that way.  it is so easy to just pull off what you need, cut it, and have it all right there easy accessible, but still out of the way and the floor still clear of clutter.
I still need to buy some more brackets, but I wanted to see how theses worked before I spent the money on more.  I love how it is working and I think I'll even add some more with dowels to hand finished quilts on.  Still don't have my cutting table top here - that should be soon, but now, the only thing under the table is the TV and a sewing machine that needs to go to the sewing machine Dr.
I put the webbing, Velcro, and some other extra's laying around in large bins, put the tops on them, and stacked the two bins to the right corner of the room.   I also want to add a shelf to the top bracket above the smaller rolls of stabilizer for my freezer paper box, and some other  items to sit on.  I'll share more photo's as I go along.


  1. Well done girlfriend! isn't a clean quilt room a pleasure to be in, so easy to accomplish what we want instead of spinning our wheels.

    Looks Great!

  2. Terrific cleanup! Great idea for closet rods to hang your rolls from.

    Someday I hope to get a sewing room again...I had one for a year but then DS had to move back in so I'm without one now so my stuff is stashed in four different rooms of the house!

  3. That is a great idea with the dowels!!! We have so much of that stuff on rolls and yes I agree it can really get in the way. I can really see this working in my sewing room too.. hmmm now just need to figure out where to install something like that when my walls are covered in stuff now! LOL

    Quiltingly Yours

  4. You have a very nice space for your sewing studio. I love the steps you are taking to getting so organized. Thank you for sharing these ideas.

  5. Love your sewing studio and I like to keep mine organized too. Of course when I'm in the middle of something it looks like a tornado went through. Neat system for your batting and interfacing! We never have enough room do we?