Thursday, March 3, 2011

Brown Bag Quilt Contest - The Process Continues

I continued my Brown Bag Quilt Contest process with selecting the pattern.
I chose a pattern from Connecting threads that was a log cabin block.  It also is a small quilt as I wanted to use it as a table topper.  Plus with my time limits for this project, I couldn't have anything to big or two detailed without dropping all my other projects in the works.  So this pattern worked out great for the fabrics I had received.
 Sewing the blocks together as per the instructions on the pattern.  I have already sewn several rows around  on my blocks by the time I took this photo.
I added the striped fabric in next to the center block and cut it at an angle so that it would make a "V" when the blocks were sewn together.  I didn't worry about getting the stripes lined up in every block as I didn't have enough fabric to waste.  And didn't want to risk running out.
I like to chain pc. my sewing.  It just goes much faster that way.  Once  I get my next strip added to each block, I take them over to the ironing board and press.
Now I'm ready to add the next strip to each block.
And continue on around the log cabin block in the same manner until they are all done and pressed.
 Here is is layed out on the floor in the order it will go together.  To bad the photo doesn't show off the green as well as it looks in real time.
Next I start piecing the rows together.  Starting at the bottom (or top) I pc. each block together to make a strip.  After each row of strips is done I start piecing the strips together, until they are all joined.
 I pin at the matching seams to make sure they join nicely.  Then each strip is pressed before going on to the next one.
Next I added my first border.  I stuck to the pattern directions up to this point. Except for the striped fabric which was my own idea. LOL
 Then I took the top to my larger cutting Matt and made sure it was square.   Not many of mine come out this nice and square and I sometimes will square them up before the first border.  But this one was right on the mark. : )
 I continued adding my borders until I got it the size I wanted for my table.  My second border is of my own creation as I needed to add some more fabric that I had not yet put into the over quilt design.  Plus I wanted this to fit my table just so it hangs down a few inches on each side.  So I got a little creative on the borders - but won't show all the border's here until the whole quilt is done. You only get to see the sides for now. I can't give away all the surprises now yet, can I.  LOL

Here it is!  The flimsy is done and I think it looks GREAT!  Oh if you could really see the colors as they truly are.  I am very happy with this project so far.

 Next I cut my batting (slightly larger then my flimsy top) and I picked out my backing fabric and label fabric.  My backing is the same as the center of each of the log cabin blocks as well as my border(s).
The label is the same as the lighter fabric seen in the blocks.
Now I take it to the larger table, tape down my backing (right side down toward the table), then layer my batting and then the top flimsy.
 I  then pin making sure everything is laying nice and flat and the lines are not being pulled out of alignment.

That is all I'm going to do for today.
I'll post the final steps and the photo's of the finished piece when I'm done.

Have a great and creative week. : )


  1. I love how the green really stands out among the browns.

  2. What a great job you did with these fabrics! I love log cabin blocks and am glad your plan worked out so beautifully. I'm way behind on my project but once I get a big obligation off my list this weekend, I'll be in there playing with those blues you sent again!

  3. I love that log cabin, and it looks really nice on your table.

  4. Looking great! I love the colors in the blocks!