Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What's Happening in the Quilters World This Week

I found a great quilt as you go - quilt along from last year over at SewTakeAHike .  And since all the instructions are still up and I've never done a quilt as you go project before, I decided to save the instructions and give it a try.

Headed to the fabric store yesterday and picked up some whites so that I could get busy on a couple appliquéd quilt projects.  Another tech. that I've never done before was hand appliqué.  I could still do this by machine, but figured that while watching tv in the evening I might as well be doing something constructive.  Besides, my machine is pretty busy during the day with the other projects.  Hand Appliqué is quiet, relaxing, and the end results are always beautiful.  So this will be another way for me to expand on my creativity and I'm looking forward to the end results of each block.   : )  

I have been working on my "Flying Colors" pattern mentioned earlier on this blog.  I did a quick scrappy block and it went together really easy and quick.  Which is surprising since there are a lot of pcs.  So now I'm working on the actual quilt and have already cut several hundred pcs of the first three colors.  I've got most of those pcs. already sewn together in just an hour and a half.  So like I said, it surprisingly goes together really quickly.  I'll start sharing the process, pattern pcs. etc. next week for those who want to do it as a quilt along.

That's all for today.  

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