Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hearts Desire

I've been participating in the Hearts Desire - Applique Mystery - BOM  over at (Ester Aliu).

I've never really sat down and tried hand appliqué.  Really never felt much need to-- until this past winter when all the sudden it seemed that something was missing. I felt I needed to be doing something while I watched tv.  I tried crocheting, but that lasted about a month and I was bored with it as well.  So when this BOM came along,  I knew I had to give it a try.  

I had this little daisy print (heart fabric) and thought it would make a great fabric to give this quilt a little country look.  And lots of green and yellow check - yards of it even.  So last trip to town I picked up a coordinating small daisy print that went well with the larger print for my center and corners.
At first I was frustrated as I really had no idea on how to start.  It's not the needlework that alluded me, rather how to  get the design perfect in size and layout from pattern to fabric and then onto the background. So I talked to other appliqué hobbiest, searched the internet, and then tried out a couple different techniques before settling on the wax paper technique.  I then still didn't know exactly how to get my pcs lined up correctly on my background block.  So I folded my block in half, then in half the other direction and centered my design.  I was still off some but not bad for the first try.  I need to find out a good way to transfer the layout though as the next block is much more difficult and just folding my fabric in half is not going to work for this upcoming one.  

I have to say though, that hand appliqué is very relaxing.  I wish I had started this years ago.



  1. I have not done very much applique but find most hand work to be very relaxing--which is why I enjoy embroidery (cross-stitch was my first love). This is a really sweet pattern with the flowers and checks. Very homey and comforting. Good job!

  2. Mom and I love this pattern you made up !! Very country cottage, and pretty!

  3. wow- you are doing a really good job - I would never have guessed you were a beginner.