Thursday, June 9, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Yesterday I had planned to upload my WIP.  But my energy level crashed by the time I returned home from all the day's errands. It was a long, long day.  So here is where I am at as of Wednesday - June 8, 2011.

Home Sweet Home:  First block is done.  This is a fun little wall hanging from Ajpadilla's website (link is posted on my links page).  I am making this to hang someplace in or near my entry of my house.  Here are some closeups of the first block.

And here is the second block still in progress.

Hearts Desire:  I am still working -little by little- on my fourth set of blocks.  I had to go back and remove all my applique from the first of the set that I did as I had stitched all the vines to the wrong side of the fabric.
But here is where I am at now.  I just LOVE how this block is turning out.

So far here is all the previous blocks put on the wall .  I can't wait to play with the layouts once I get these block fours done.

I am setting up a real design wall.  Using styro. backing with flannel over the top (maybe) - lol.  I also have my cutting table, finally out of storage, and here waiting for me to set up in my room.  Photo below of my styro. pcs and table top.  Hopeing to get all this set over the next few days so that I can get back to work and catch up on more of my projects that are getting to the larger stages. 

I know, this photo doesn't really look like much -- but wait until you see these pcs. all set up. : )

Lastly I'd like to share a photo of one of my garden flowers currently blooming  - black Iris.  


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  1. Beautiful work you're doing, as always, Rhonda! Looking forward to seeing your space all set up and organized the way you'd like.