Wednesday, June 15, 2011

WIP Wednesday

It's that time again for an update on my WIP.  
Cutting table is now in place, no legs for it yet, so it is balancing on a dining table that has been extended.  It is really nice and stable, just not the height I want it yet.
All my batting, stabilizer's, and papers are on rolls located near the head of the table for easy roll off to cut to length needed.  I just hung closet hanger brackets on the wall, and spaced them the distance to fit across the width of my table. Then placed some inexpensive dowls for the rolls to hang on.  Easy and very affordable for organizing all those rolls.

My "Hearts Desire" blocks and borders are laid out on the table. Block 4 (first one of the four) is still in beginning stages so not much to see at this point.  Once I get one finished, I'll share.

My design wall is up now too.  I used three 2x4 sheets of Styrofoam panels (I think they were about 2.00 each).

"Flying Colors"  is on the design wall.  Two more strips in the center, then a border before going on to the outer blocks to make this quilt finish queen size.

I've finally been able to put the templates into pdf files for those who want to download them.  I'll share it on my next update to "Flying Colors".

This block is so versatile.  I am amazed at all the different looks you can get with it.  To see some of the layouts read my older posts.

Well, this is where I am right now this Wednesday morning. 
Have a fun and creative day everyone.  : )

Does anyone know the name of this floral?  
All I know is it is a perennial and grows about 18" to 22" high.


  1. Your set up is great, the wall rolls are a terrific idea. Happy Stitching Chris.

  2. Your Heart's Desire is looking great! I've lost enthusiasm and have designed a way to use the parts of the blocks that I like as well as the 3 blocks I've finished. Waiting for this month's block to finalize the plan.

  3. Your Hearts Desires look promising! And your table is very orderly which is definitely worth a comment! Love the design board too. Sorry don't know the flora...

  4. Your hearts desire is inspiring. And the flower, certainly looks like a pink aster, but it is hard to tell without seeing the leaves.

  5. Fantastic workspace you have going there! Wish I had a nice big cutting table like that. Your blocks look lovely.

    No ideas on the flower, sorry!