Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wantobe Quilter Only 4 More Days

Countdown as of JULY 28th
Only four more day's to the start of the Wantobe Quilter .
Win prizes, Lots and Lots of wonderful prizes.
Don't miss out on this great giveaway and fun to come.
Just Leave a comment below if you want to join in as a Wantobe Quilter and to be
entered into the drawing for prizes.
Then trek on over to Stash Minicure to find out more. - the button is on my left sidebar.


  1. well I'm a Rhonda too, so I'll join up with you!

  2. Welcome Rhonda, And you even spell it the same.
    : ) I'll send you an email with more information.

  3. The Wantobe Quilter campaign is off to a great start. Anyone who is new to quilting still has time to join in on the fun and win some great prizes to get you off and running in the world of quilting.
    Those who already have been quilting for awhile, also can join in on the fun. Just ask me to send you some more info. Prizes are being given away daily. Check out