Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Flower Garden Quilt Along

I have never done hex's but here is another quilt along that looks like tons of fun.
I am all for flowers both in my garden and on my walls, beds, tables...... you get the idea. 
I just ran across this wonderful QAL today, so haven't started my garden yet.
I plan on getting started before the week is out however.
Not that I need another project but since I am going to be doing some of the other QAL that i posted the other day, I might as well add one more into the loop.
Looks like Wednesday's are going to get rather busy for me. : )

Opps, I somehow got lost in links I was following from my original starting place and just found my way back .  After re-reading the instructions on the QAL , I found out that there is two separate QAL's.  The "One Flower Wednesdays" was started awhile ago.  But apparently is still going.   I signed up  on the blog to participate.
But the one that grabbed my attention and got me really excited was over at Pigtales and Quilts .  I fell in love with her quilt from her Aunt Callie.  The rules are a bit different then One Flower Wednesday's,  But now that I'm signed up, I might as well do them both.  The on at Pigtales and Quilts is called "How does your garden Grow - QAL" and she is sharing her flowers on Sunday's.  I think I can pull this off and keep up - maybe. LOL


  1. Good morning! I am so glad you found your way over to PigTales and Quilts! I am so glad you joined my Sew Along! Looking forward to seeing your flowers on Sundays! :)

  2. Well welcome to OFW, those hexies are addictive!! :-)

  3. Looking forward to seeing your garden grow.