Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I concentrated my efforts on finishing up the top of my RRCB this past week.
And I'm please to say, it is finally finished and ready to be quilted.

I was still able to put in a little more time this week on my Hexi Project "Grandma's Flower Garden".
Or in this case I am calling it "My Mothers Flower Garden".
This is block three.  There will be two of these in the overall design.

I am STILL working on my leaves for my block 4 - "Hearts Desire".  Again, no  photo as they look just like the first block that I already showed.  I don't know what happened in my line of thinking but I found I had two of each outer border leaf, and none of my center leaves. So I had to go cut more and find out where I was still missing leaves, to fill in.  I think I need a better system of organizing such a large amount of pcs. 
Anyway, they are now being slowly stitched down.  I am on the third block out of four tonight.

All the text is done for my "Peaceful Pathway's" quilt.  
Starting now to do HST for this project.  Hope to have updated photo's for you next week.
And that is about it for now.  Took me all day to get these two photo's to load for some reason. Not sure if it is blogger or what, But it sure is frustrating at times.
Take care and have a great week everyone. : )


  1. What a beautiful quilt!!! Wow, you've done so much. Getting the text blocks done is really impressive. I really like the look of My Mothers Flower Garden. If only I had time to start another WIP....

  2. I loves the flower.. It's so sweet, purple, aqua and pink makes a very sweet combination,maybe I should try too..and the apple green leaves too.. :)