Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Quilting Fun

I have two new quilt projects going on to share with you all today.
First from Gourmet Quilter - We have a Mystery going on.  I Love Mystery's don't you?
If you do, head on over to Gourmet Quilter's Mystery Quilts and get your first clue.

Next one I'm a little late getting to you as were now on Part Two.
It is a wonderful new BOM from Esther Aliu called "Peace Pathways".
So hurry up and head on over to get your instructions for part two.
You can still purchase part one and it is well worth it.

If you know of any other new mysterys or bom's, etc. going on, please let us all know in your comment.
Have a great day everyone.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I concentrated my efforts on finishing up the top of my RRCB this past week.
And I'm please to say, it is finally finished and ready to be quilted.

I was still able to put in a little more time this week on my Hexi Project "Grandma's Flower Garden".
Or in this case I am calling it "My Mothers Flower Garden".
This is block three.  There will be two of these in the overall design.

I am STILL working on my leaves for my block 4 - "Hearts Desire".  Again, no  photo as they look just like the first block that I already showed.  I don't know what happened in my line of thinking but I found I had two of each outer border leaf, and none of my center leaves. So I had to go cut more and find out where I was still missing leaves, to fill in.  I think I need a better system of organizing such a large amount of pcs. 
Anyway, they are now being slowly stitched down.  I am on the third block out of four tonight.

All the text is done for my "Peaceful Pathway's" quilt.  
Starting now to do HST for this project.  Hope to have updated photo's for you next week.
And that is about it for now.  Took me all day to get these two photo's to load for some reason. Not sure if it is blogger or what, But it sure is frustrating at times.
Take care and have a great week everyone. : )

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hexie Flower Garden

I've been working hard on my Hexie flower garden quilt.
So hard in fact that my center right finger is full of holes.
I hate wearing thimbles so tend to opt. out of putting one on until my finger has so many holes poked in it that I can't stand it anymore.   So the past few day's I have resorted to putting on a thimble.

Here is block 1 and 2 stitched together.
Block 1 is the one with the flowers on it. I  went a little further up on this block then I was suppose to. But all is good in the long run.  One more of this block to do and then two more in reverse.
Block 2 is all white.  So it's hard to tell where it is in this photo.  If you look down at the bottom you can see a pin near a hexi edge.  That marks where my second block begins and it goes to the left from there.  These seem to take forever to make since there is no color in them.  And I only have three more to go.  

Here is the start of block three.
I actually finished it last night, but will wait to take a photo
to show next week.  
So there you have it.  My garden is growing, but slowly right now. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Haven't posted for several weeks now.  I had planned on posting at least every other week, but as life would have it, I had an abscessed Molar that needed to be removed this past week. Ouch!
I'm feeling so much better now.
So here is what I have been working on this week.

Embroidery Testing Of Course.

This is just one of the designs in the new Morning Glory border series from Ace Point Embroidery.

Peaceful Pathways 
BOM by Ester Aliu
Fabric Selection - Teals
Words are all digitized and I'm now starting to embroider them out.
I told myself I HAVE TO get some of these UFO's finished.
Anxious to finish RRCB (A mystery quilt from Bonnie Hunter over at Quiltville)
I have now finished adding the breaker border - along with two of the side borders.
This was such a fun fun project.  And I love these borders.  
Gosh, I've learned so much this year and tried so many new things
It's just GREAT!
Hearts Desire 
is still getting leaves on.
 Coming along a little slow, but making progress.
Have a great week everyone.