Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WIP - Wednesday

Peaceful Pathways 
On schedule and Loving It!
Yes, my words are a bit off straight - I am not sure if I will need to re-embroider them or just take them lose and try to adjust them to get them straighter.  Thankfully there is only two or three that look really off.
Peaceful Pathways is a part of Esther Aliu's BOM.  

Orca Bay Mystery

Step One cut, sewn and some are trimmed.  

Step two, cut sewn and trimmed.
I'm now back on schedule and ready for the next clue.
I am using greens where Bonnie used blues, and blues, where Bonnie used reds.
Check out Bonnie Hunter's blog over at Quiltville to join in on the fun.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

WIP-WOW Wednesday

WIP for this week are as follows:
  • Hearts Desire - Centered is now joined together.  I still need to add those little dots (been procastinating on them and I still think I may just use small buttons. ).  I have not started the next border yet.  Finally picked up some more fabric and with Thanksgiving soon to come to pass, I hope to start the border soon.  I'm really looking forward to beginning it -- getting really excited to see it come together.

  • Peaceful Pathways - I'm still on schedule - YAY!!!    Here is my Love Knot Block all laid out and ready to assemble.  I ran out of my med. light teals - so back to the store again next week.  One fat quarter should do it.  To join in on Peaceful Pathways, Visit Esther Alui's blog.  Thank you so much Esther for another wonderful project.

I decided to pull my colors from this photo of Orca Bay.

And here is my scrap pile of colors so far.  I still want to pick up another green but this will give me a start.
I now have to catch up and start cutting for step one.  Step two to be released Friday.   

Have a Great Thanksgiving Everyone!  

Sunday, November 20, 2011

How Does My Garden Grow!

My flower garden hexie's are growing slowly this time of year.  
But I have added on my  next section.
I have two more flowers made (need two more) to put together with the background
and add to the next section to the left.
Hoping to have it added to share for you all by next Sunday.
Head on over to Pigtales and Quilts to see more of this QAL.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Quiltville's Quips & Snips!!: Intro to Mystery 2011! Orca Bay!

Love scrap quilts? Love mystery's? Love Bonnie Hunter's Patterns? Then you'll have triple the fun joining in on Bonnie's new Mystery 2011! Orca Bay! Click the link to read more. It's starting soon so don't wait - fabric information is already posted.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

WIP Wednesday

It's time to post my WIP again.
Above is "Peaceful Pathways" - a BOM provided complements of Esther Aliu
As I mentioned back at the beginning of this project - this one is going to go to my sister "Brenda".
She loves God and loves the ocean - so I"m making this in teals with some sea life embroidery touches.

I did the set in "whole block" heart option for the corners.  Not sure how well you can see how I did in from these photo's but I'll give it a try.
I first attached the top  border to a heart at each end.
I did the same with the bottom border before proceeding to attach the hearts to the corners of the center of this quilt.  I then marked my 1/4" stitch line on each corner of the heart.  

I then stitched up to the corner and stopped. I did do a small backstitch to hold it firm.
Next I did a clip in on the heart fabric only, just a little short of that corner stitch.  This allows the fabric of the heart to bend around the corner.

Then I put my needle back in at the corner, and did another back stitch (up the same line I had previously made.  Coming back towards the corner - needle down at the turn point, I then swiveled the corner, lining up the next edge and stitching about an inch or two and doing a back stitch to hold.
I then pressed it .
After I had all four heart blocks attached to the main center of the quilt, I then attached the side border to the ends of the heart blocks.  Since I already had an inch or so  started down each side, it was easy to set in the rest of the border.
I am now going to figure out how to set up a light box, so that I can trace on my quilting pattern for the hearts, and possibly even the rest of the center of this quilt before the next bom instructions are released, plus I still have one more row of hst to put around the center.