Friday, January 13, 2012

Orca Bay - Step 8

 Orca Bay - Step 8 (Assembly).
I have laid out two ways.  I like them both but I'm
leaning towards the one on the bottom.
I like how the black diag. pattern shows up.
I like how the blue blocks look larger.
And I like how the black star blocks show up in the intersecting diag. lines.

So I'll think about them for awhile - and then start putting this top together beginning Sunday or Monday.
I want to thank Bonnie Hunter over at Quiltville for another absolutely Wonderful Mystery.  This is only my second one, but I hope to do a lot more of her quilts.
Orca Bay Mystery can be found Here.  Go and check out what everyone else's quilt looked like.(Links at the bottom of the Orca Bay Page).  There has been some truly awesome quilts made from this design.

I'd truly love to do another one in batiks with sunrise/sunset colors.  If only I can find the time.

Happy Quilting Everyone!


  1. I really do like both layouts but the second one looks a little less busy to me.

  2. Wow,it`s fabulous.You did a great job.

  3. Love your color choices, Rhonda! And I agree, the blue blocks do look larger in the second option. It seems more organized and deliberate even among all the scrappy goodness!