Friday, January 13, 2012

Studio Organization

I'm going to participate in the Studio Organization Challenge over at Within a Quarter Inch.
I'm a - "Everything needs a place" kind of sewer. If my room is UN-organized, messy, cluttered, I can't work.

My situation is this:  I have a huge amount of Inventory.  Mostly books, notions, various (non-quilting) fabric, and machines, etc.  I have one room upstairs that is housing boxes of stuff, I call this my storage room.

Another room (which is the guest room - or suppose to be) which was set up last year as a sewing room (but is to small for my needs), currently has two machines, my rolls of batting, stabilizers, bins of fabric stacked ceiling high and five rows wide, etc.  

With the onset of COLD weather... burr.  and high electric bills since this old house has no insulation --I have closed off the upstairs to save and  heat only the lower level.

Therefore I have now moved my sewing into a TEMPORARY location  (what use to be our living room).  Won't go into detail about where I had to move the living room, etc.  

So I'm going to try to organize the absolute necessary items in this area, keeping the one room as a storage for now,  and clean out the guest room and set it up for it's original purpose "Guests".   

My temp. space will need organized with movable, temp. organizational methods.  I have about a dozen projects to start this month and the next.  So I first set up these stack-able drawers, labeled them with the projects I'm working on right now.
The bottom drawer is called "Family Projects".  These are things that have all the sudden been given to me to work on by a family member.  It can be anything from doing a hat, to a quilt to mending... but If I don't have a place where I can find it easily, it could get pushed to the back of a pile and lost for months. So now it's here in my "Current Work Projects".

Once a project is completed to a flimsy - it will get moved to my UFO (to be quilted) area.  So this is my first step in organizing my temp. studio area.  And I tell you, it has already cleared out two piles of stuff I had sitting around in boxes on the floor.

My storage area upstairs will need to be organized as a warehouse, have perm. shelving, etc. so that I can find everything.  Like this unit to the left - (which holds my batting rolls, stabilizer, etc.)  It is currently in my guest room, and needs to be mounted to the wall.  So it will need to be moved in the storage room and mounted and cutting table set up under it as I have it here.

(The storage area will not be set up until spring, since were not heating it right now and it's about 20 degree's in there at present).

 I set up my category lists into two sections for organization.
One for the Temp. location I'm now in.
The other for my storage room (when I am able to get in there and work).

Temp-Immediate Studio Area
  • Fabric (just enough space for what I'm working on, or will be working on over the next few months).
  • Rulers
  • Pens/Marking Tools
  • Gadgets 
  • Embroidery (machine)
  • Embroidery (by hand)
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Patterns (just those I"m working on now or will be in the next few months)
  • Books (Only the ones I need to refer to regularly or have inspiration I'm working on).
  • Notions
  • Templates
  • Sewing machine feet
  • Cutting area
  • Sewing Area
  • Machine Embroidery Area
  • WIP’s and UFO’s
  • Ironing and Place to work on Applique pcs. 
  • Family Projects (those thing that all the sudden get passed to me to make for them)
Storage Area
  • Fabric 
  • Patterns
  • Books
  • Batting 
  • Extra notions, thread and supplies to restock temp. room with later.
  • All other craft supplies that I'm not using right now
  • Odd sized items like rolls of fusible webbing and such
  • craft gadgets, tools, etc.
  • Spinning,weaving supplies and tools
  • Spinning Wheel
  • Yarns, knitting/crochet tools, etc.
  • Fabric Dyeing supplies
  • Beading supplies
I think that about covers getting started on this challenge.  I'll try to work on it at least once a week.
Want to join in on the challenge?  Go to Within a Quarter Inch.  I hope there are a lot of people who participate and share photo's so we all can get idea's on better organizing.  

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