Saturday, January 21, 2012

Scrappy Rainbow Share Day

We've been having a few day's of icy weather around here. Not near as bad as some area's and our winter has not been bad at all compared to some of you.  So I am very grateful for a mild winter so far.

 Power went off for awhile today. I heard it was out in three counties.  It's back on now, and house is trying to warm back up inside.  I write while wrapped in a nice warm blanket.

So I've been busy again this week.
Let me share with you my blocks for this years Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2012.

This month is RED.  I said to myself, no problem I have a box full of reds upstairs.
HA!  I forgot, I used most of all my reds up.  All I had left was oranges.

I did find three fabrics of red in my stash, And since it's to icy to go shopping, they would have to do.

I sat and played with idea's on what to make for a few hours, then decided to just make a scrappy string block with a wide center of white.

Each block is exactly the same other then the color is changed at one end.

Put them together and this is what they look like.
I'm liking what I am seeing so far. : )


  1. Perfect way to pass a cold winter day. Love the white middle of your blocks, it gives a nice secondary effect.

  2. I like your idea for a block. Scrappy yet there is some consent elements to it. Very nice. Yes we have been cold this week. Warming a little on Sunday.

  3. I love how that came out! Great use of your reds and neat idea with the white in the center. Hope you were able to warm up... I remember those cold winters all too fondly. (Moved from Vermont to Florida last fall!)

  4. I like it, too. I like the white in the middle. There could be several ways to put them together, so lots of possibilities for another cold afternoon. =)

  5. Cool blocks. Looking through your blog I did not realize there were so many BOM and SAL out there. A person could stay pretty busy doing them.