Friday, February 24, 2012

Activity Update

Naples Medallion

Blockof the Month: Naples Medallion
Started Feb.1st.
First block is up,  but only until the end of the month.
Next block will be released March.
This is a German site, so you will need a translator to read the blog.  Read more....

Block of the Month: Star Sampler
This is another German site, so again - you'll need a translator to read the blog.
I couldn't find the actual start date, but from responses to the post I am guessing this one started around the first of Feb. as well.  This is a neat bom.  Looks like it may run about 15 months.
If you want to join in on this one, you probably should get your first block now as I have no idea how long it will be posted. Go HERE for more info.

If your looking for a simpler BOM you might try this new 2012 BOM going on over at See How We Sew.
It started in January, but the link to the first block is still available.

Do you enjoy designing your own applique blocks, or just enjoy looking for great images of Inspiration?
If you do, then check out The Textile's Collection over on Flickr.

If you like doing mystery quilts there is a "Summer Mystery Quilt" posted over at Quilt Dot Com.  It may be an older pattern, but they are still fun to do when you have a little extra time.  This one is in four parts for a quick project.

I guess that is all to share for now.  Enjoy!

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