Wednesday, July 6, 2011

WIP Wednesday

It's been a couple weeks since I posted.  Been mainly working in the yard and garden, but do still get a little time to sew and quilt.  Right now my WIP's are covering my two ironing boards.  They are in desperate need for new cloth.
I added a layer of batting on top of the liner to both boards.  I like a little more padding then they originally had.

This little portable board I just picked up at a yard sale last week for 1.00.  Can't beat the price. It has little fold up legs and will work great for all that applique ironing I need to do. : )

I decided to go with the yellow check, to match my room.  Right now it's just draped over the board, but I think I'm going to really like it.  A little brighter then my walls, but that's ok.  It'll be nice and cheery. : )

While I was cutting my batting for my boards, I was doing some test out embroidery on my embroidery machine.  I always multi-task as much as possible.  No reason to waste valuable time.

My first block 4 is almost done.  I still need to do my detail stitching, but am waiting to do it on all the blocks at once.  I LOVE this block.  Here it is below laid out with some of the other blocks.  I don't know how they will go together, it's still a mystery, but so far this is my favorite quilt of all time.
It took me forever to decide on the colors for the vase in this block. Seemed everything I picked out at first was either to bold and took away the eye to itself, or was to modern for the whole country look of the quilt .  I tried to do the top of the vase braided as per the pattern, but it came out awful.  It's my first hand applique after all, so I guess I'll have to practice on things like braiding to get the hang of it.

I made a couple pillows for my Son's birthday.  He's in his 30's but since he loves geometric designs, I thought he'd like these for his couch.  The center is embroidered, and the outer border is using a decorative stitch.

And lastly, I am still slowly working on my "Home Sweet Home" wall quilt.  I am terrible at angles and it took me several tries to get these blocks to fit.  Even then, they still were off on most.  But I'll let it be and hopefully be able to quilt out some of the inconsistencies. LOL


  1. I like the blues and greens in your Heart's Desire quilt. I think I'm still figuring out colors. And the top of the vase braid is something I hope I can do.

  2. I love those blue applique' blocks. They are just striking. Great geometric pillows!

  3. Your blocks are coming along so beautifully! And I do love your embroidery machine. I am very fond of embroidery...on everything. You will get so much use from it! As for the ironing board. Well, I am due to cover my own board and haven't had time, this is something I will have to tackle next week...

  4. The blues and greens are just gorgeous! You are doing fantastic on your applique, I think. Everything you're working on is very beautiful. Hope you are feeling quite proud of your works in progress!