Friday, July 8, 2011

New Quilt Blocks Started

I'm starting another quilt.  This time the blocks are all embroidered.  If you've read some of my blog posts before you'll remember how I love to multi-task. So while I was cutting out many many leaves for my hearts desire applique quilt, I felt an awe of quiet in  my sewing room.  I could have put on some music I suppose, but instead I decided to turn on my embroidery machine and start making a quilt for my mom.  (Shhhh - Brenda don't tell her - it's a surprise). LOL  "Brenda's my sister and she reads my blogs often, so I have to let her know".

Today, Mom and Brenda were over for a BBQ and I pulled out the blocks and some of my other projects and let them browse through.  Mom immediately went to the blocks - I could see how she loved the colors and design.  Her bedroom and master bath are done in pinks and peach's.
 I told her how I test out designs for Ace Point Embroidery and that most of my test out's I make into pot holders and other small items.  (Quick and easy gifts for later).  But I didn't mention to her that this particular block was going to be a quilt for her.  I think by her big smile as she was looking at them that she'll love this quilt.  This first one is a corner, or i could add one of those borders that are points to this quilt and emb. one of these in each point.  (not sure what they call that border, but I love the look).

I like this smaller border too - maybe for shashing.  And then something a little larger like the next photo below for the first outer border.

I still have some more designs to test out, some blocks with birds and flower on it and many other border options, so I guess once I'm done with the initial testing, I'll make a decision on the design layout.

Now I can cut my Heart's Desire pcs. and  not feel like I'm not getting anywhere fast enough.  I have so many idea's and not near enough time to get it all done in my lifetime. Or so it seems.

I also have to decide on which color's to use.  The first block photo I did with a very light pink, peach and off white.  I love how soft it is.
The rest of these were done with light pink, peach and then a reg. pink.  They are brighter but still very pretty.
I think maybe I should have asked Mom which color combo she liked while she was here.  I might take them over to her place when I visit her in a few days, then I'll know for sure.

Here is some other designs I've been testing.  I don't know what to make with these little test out's yet.  Brenda and Mom suggested I put some iron on backing onto them, and sell them on Etsy so that people can just iron them onto little girl's dresses, bags, etc.  I wonder how well that would hold up?   Hugs and have a great weekend. : )


  1. Your embroidery is so-SEW beautiful! Thanks for sharing...


  2. fun gift for your mom! Oh, and those triangles on a border are used when you "set" your blocks "on point" (diamond-style instead of square), so they're called "setting triangles." : )

    Thanks for sharing all the beautiful embroidery!