Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Just Take 2 progress

Today I was much more productive.  What a relief to finally get some things done.  Here are my blocks for the fourth set.  I still have not stitched down my little red leaves on the center block.  Working on that tonight.  I love how these blocks are coming together and can't wait to start putting this quilt together.  Head on over to Just Take 2 if you still would like to join in on the fun.

FO for February

My Oh My this as been a terrible month for being productive.  I had so many plans, so much I wanted to start, yet only started two new projects this month. I did the "Little Patchwork QAL" and January's / February's "Free Motion Quilt Challenge".

 Thankfully I was able to keep up with most of my other projects I have on the table.

The Little Patchwork Quilt is what I practiced on for my Free Motion Quilting challenge.  My muscles were having a fun time jerking as I tried to free motion this quilt and it looks like a mess.  I had done feathers years ago and they were much smoother - but now...Yuck.  Even my leaves, which I normally do a lot of in quilting were just "OFF".  Like I said, this month has been terrible.

March starts tomorrow and I'm looking forward in great anticipation and HOPE that it will be much much better.

March UFO Is....

March UFO number is #8 -  For me that is "Flying Colors".

I wish this one was the number for last month as it is suppose to be a Birthday Gift this month.  I hope to at least get it pieced and ready for quilting by the end of this month.  And work on the quilting through April. 

How have I done on the past two months UFO projects?
Not to good I'm afraid.  But then,  I do not expect to get all these UFO's completed (quilted) each month.
 I  Just hope to get the tops finished and hopefully some will get quilted before years end.  
I don't have the strength in my hands/arms to quilt a whole quilt in decent amount of time with suffering from MG-so I know my limits, even though they do frustrate me from time to time. 
Like going to the Home and Garden show last Sunday... it really took a tole on me.  I couldn't hardly  talk or see well Monday, and Tuesday was just as bad.  Today I'm back to near normal and ready to sew some more.  But that was two day's I hadn't planned on doing absolutely nothing.

February was to work on "Sunrise on the Ole' Homestead" - Didn't even have time or energy to get it out of the box.
January was to try to get the top finished on "Hearts Desire" - I almost finished the rest of the leaves around the first border.  But it will probably take me another two weeks to get that part finished.

  I try not to say I'm a failure at this challenge -as I'm making  some progress -  be it at a snails pace.

Treasure your health and your ability to do things while you can.  You never know what might hit you at any time of your life and challenge your abilities.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tirzah's Sketchbook

Tirzah is my niece.  She does amazing animations for a gaming company.  Mostly background work for the games such as the new release Guild Wars 2 - You can see the trailer here.  All the background in this game is done by Tirzah.  Her talent goes far beyond backgrounds however. Her characters are amazing, and she even did this cute little cartoon self portrait here below.  Check out Tirzah's Sketchbook.  Please do not pin any photo's.  Pining is in violation of the authors copyright law.

Monday, February 27, 2012

What have I been doing?

GREEN was the color for the Scrappy Rainbow Challenge (February).  I've made four blocks.  Kind of reminds me of a lattice fence.  Check out the linky party to see all the wonderful green projects going.

 I also finished my block for the Sew Happy QAL this week.

Then I took a day off and went to the Home and Garden Show 2012-Portland OR.
I loved this wall made by The Bamboo Man.  His Tea Houses are great too.

They had an Orchid showing going on as well.
Such unique plants.

They made the roof for this booth out of wire and grape vines - then added the lights.  Just awesome.

The Water-feature below is made form ripped steal, filled with river rock.

Thank you for visiting!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Activity Update

Naples Medallion

Blockof the Month: Naples Medallion
Started Feb.1st.
First block is up,  but only until the end of the month.
Next block will be released March.
This is a German site, so you will need a translator to read the blog.  Read more....

Block of the Month: Star Sampler
This is another German site, so again - you'll need a translator to read the blog.
I couldn't find the actual start date, but from responses to the post I am guessing this one started around the first of Feb. as well.  This is a neat bom.  Looks like it may run about 15 months.
If you want to join in on this one, you probably should get your first block now as I have no idea how long it will be posted. Go HERE for more info.

If your looking for a simpler BOM you might try this new 2012 BOM going on over at See How We Sew.
It started in January, but the link to the first block is still available.

Do you enjoy designing your own applique blocks, or just enjoy looking for great images of Inspiration?
If you do, then check out The Textile's Collection over on Flickr.

If you like doing mystery quilts there is a "Summer Mystery Quilt" posted over at Quilt Dot Com.  It may be an older pattern, but they are still fun to do when you have a little extra time.  This one is in four parts for a quick project.

I guess that is all to share for now.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Mystery BOM

Esther’s Free BOMLast year I participated in Esther Aliu's BOM called "Hearts Desire".  I am truly impressed with Esther's designs and will continue to follow along in her BOM for each year forward, for as long as i'm able.

The new mystery bom is about to begin.  Visit Esther's Blog to find out more details.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Sew Happy QAL

Today I caught up on my Sew Happy QAL Blocks.
This is Block 7 - Flying Geese Pinwheel.

The two below it are No. 8 -Diamond Peek-a-Boo
and No. 9 - Churn Dash Redux.

Because I wanted this quilt to be fun and bright,  I decided when it came to the Churn Dash Block to add a little something to make the viewer smile.

Three more blocks to go and it will be time to put this together.

Have a Great Weekend Everyone!

New Blogs on the Web

HenriettaA few weeks ago, I saw this "Henrietta" pin cushion on another blog and just had to make one.   I just love collecting anything chickens.  I am sure you noticed my  chicken panels on my studio wall - when I posted about my room re-orgainzation the other day.                                                                        Henrietta has arrived and she is just waiting for me to go to town and pick up the  materials.                                                                                                    Isn't she just the neatest pin cushion you have ever seen!                            The designer of this pattern is Wendy Waldron of Whimsy Street Designs and Patterns. And guess what! Wendy just opened her blog yesterday. Her talent in designing these patterns is outstanding.                                                    
"Little Peter Cottontail" recently made it to the cover of Create & Decorate Magazine. Rosebud the lamb and Otis the owl are just two cute, I may have to order them later to put by my other machines. Unless of course Wendy makes a Rooster to go with Henrietta. (hint hint).
Head on over to Whimsy Street Designs and give a big welcome to Wendy, And if you have a blog, why not add a little post about Wendy's new blog and send some of your followers her way. I'm sure she would love to get some visitors being new and all.

BLACK CAT Mini Bookmark SetAlso I would like to introduce my daughter "Sandy LaPorte" and her new blog "Supatoon".  Sandy is a self taught artist doing cartoon characters of dogs, cats, owls, and other animals. When she was in her teens she drew dog illustrations for 'Hoffman Publishing' which is a magazine geared towards Canine Breed specific magazines for people involved in showing dogs.  Now Sandy is drawing designs and making them into various fun products and selling them at her Etsy stop.  This year she is introducing several new products to her line .  To visit Sandy's blog go to "Supatoon" and give her a Big Welcome.  Again, if you have a blog of your own, why not share her link with your followers.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Crazy Old Ladies Quilts: Block Contest

Crazy Old Ladies Quilts: Block Contest: The Prize.... Fabric, LOTS of fabric.


 Wow, is it Wednesday already?   I've been super busy the past week.

First some redwork (cheating by using machine embroidery designs).  I might just add these to my Just Take Two quilt - but won't know until the blocks are finished since it is a mystery.

I stitched out three beautiful designs.  I like the top one the best.

Here is my last weeks Just Take Two blocks.  And Yay - they even measure out the right size. : )

Next I worked on my Feb. BOM from The Quilting Ladies blog.  I don't know why I did this all in red.  I guess I had my just take two blocks still on my mind and just continued the color on through.  I was suppose to add some of my prints, but it will still work.  Thought I had done the block wrong, but now looking at the photo and pattern I see I just took my photo from the side view.  It is suppose to be turned the other way. Whew!

I've been working on a new product for my daughter.  
These wallets are still in the design stage, but we are getting close to the end result.
My daughter does all her own artwork for these.  
I love the little whippet design.

Here is Block 6 for the Sew Happy QAL .

And I already posted this week the sewing room re-organization Here
and the quick project "Little Patchwork" Here.

So that's my sharing for now.  Hope you enjoyed your visit.

Don't forget to visit Esther Aliu's Blog for more WOW's.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sewing Area Re-Organization

I just had to take a stop from quilting and sewing and re-organize my sewing space.  I started to do this last month, but got busy with projects and didn't get to finish.  So starting yesterday, after finishing up some blocks, I tore into the room, piling everything on the table.
It always get's worse before it get's better....

then slowly things start to come around.
 Fabric shelves  in the corner, with some of my scrap bins on top.
 Current Project are in stack-able drawers next to ironing board.

 I brought in my office table corner unit and hooked up my Dell here. 
The reason is, I still have to run Windows XP for my embroidery program to work with my Janome.
Until I spend the 500.00 to update my digitizer program, I'm stuck with my old computer.
Before I was having to pack my machine upstairs to plug into the computer every time I wanted to upload designs to my machine.  Now I"m plugged in right beside it.  
I also brought my printer down.  No more climbing steep stairs to get things done.

My main cutting table is still upstairs.  It is for big projects and is 4' x 6' and has a large cutting matt on top.
But for now, I'll do most my cutting here on the old dining table.  
I still have one stack of books to put away and find a spot for some more current projects that don't fit in the stack-able drawers.  The blank wall behind the cutting table will eventually be my design wall.

 It's not perfect, but it will function better then I had it before. 
Needless to say I didn't get much sewing/quilting yet today. 
Ahh, time to go sit, relax, have a cup of java, and admire what I've accomplished so far this morning. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sampler BOM 2012

Sampler BOM 2012

Free BOM starts Feb. 15 / Free BOM starts on February 15th Over at Simply2M

The BOM will last 8 months go and the quilt will look something like The button to the left. Instructions are up . This is a Dutch site, so you will need to translate. Read more...

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A Little Patchwork

 I played along with the Little Patchwork QAL over at Quilts by Cheri.  It was fun and even though my fabric selection didn't give it a primitive look, I still like how it turned out.

I"m going to do some of my free motion sample work as the quilting part.  

I'll share more photos when it done.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Blackwork Mini Mystery

For those of you who like handwork, here is a Blackwork Mini Mystery Project - Free Blackwork Design that just started over at Berlin embroidery. Sorry I don't have a button - but it is a mystery after all.

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Garden Steps Stitch & Quilt Along

Clover and Violet: Garden Steps:

Beginning soon is the Garden Steps Stitch & Quilt Along.
Have your read about it yet?  If not, then you will want to go
HERE to read all about it.

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QST Tables Anyone

Have you ever heard of the site called: IKEA Hackers? Basically it's a site where people show off what they have done by altering Ikea products in some way.   I follow along to keep up with some of the neat storage idea's that others have come up with.  Today this Hack called " New modifed LACK tables " - was posted.   Timo and Ulrika  have taken these Lack tables, and then cut the black ones  into quarter square triangles. The whole process is posted HERE.   Also notice they inserted the little insets for candles, plants, etc.  It was such a fun idea that I had to share. I can see taking this a bit further and painting a few block designs on the surface of those tables.  

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February UFO

The number for this months UFO is #1 - and that for me is "Sunrise on the Ole Homestead".  Last year when I tried to finish this UFO, my embroidery work was lost on the orange/purple/pink batik that I used.  So I wanted to replace these blocks with a solid creamy yellow.  I have looked every time I go to the local JoAnns (only fabric store we have in our area), for just that right yellow to no avail.  I searched for it online in a very light batik, but also to no avail.  So will try again this week and if I can't find it in a batik, I'll have to go with a solid.