Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wantobe Quilter Only 4 More Days

Countdown as of JULY 28th
Only four more day's to the start of the Wantobe Quilter .
Win prizes, Lots and Lots of wonderful prizes.
Don't miss out on this great giveaway and fun to come.
Just Leave a comment below if you want to join in as a Wantobe Quilter and to be
entered into the drawing for prizes.
Then trek on over to Stash Minicure to find out more. - the button is on my left sidebar.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Flower Garden Quilt Along

I have never done hex's but here is another quilt along that looks like tons of fun.
I am all for flowers both in my garden and on my walls, beds, tables...... you get the idea. 
I just ran across this wonderful QAL today, so haven't started my garden yet.
I plan on getting started before the week is out however.
Not that I need another project but since I am going to be doing some of the other QAL that i posted the other day, I might as well add one more into the loop.
Looks like Wednesday's are going to get rather busy for me. : )

Opps, I somehow got lost in links I was following from my original starting place and just found my way back .  After re-reading the instructions on the QAL , I found out that there is two separate QAL's.  The "One Flower Wednesdays" was started awhile ago.  But apparently is still going.   I signed up  on the blog to participate.
But the one that grabbed my attention and got me really excited was over at Pigtales and Quilts .  I fell in love with her quilt from her Aunt Callie.  The rules are a bit different then One Flower Wednesday's,  But now that I'm signed up, I might as well do them both.  The on at Pigtales and Quilts is called "How does your garden Grow - QAL" and she is sharing her flowers on Sunday's.  I think I can pull this off and keep up - maybe. LOL

WIP Wednesday

This week I put some of my embroidery test designs to use.
Welcome to The Coop
I put four cute chicken coop designs together vertically.
Added batting/backing and quilted it with a criss cross pattern and a few bird tracks.

Then added a bias tape binding , some velcro squares to the back (stick on type).
And hung it to the outside of the house near my front door.

We are painting the front porch this fall so I'll just have to unstick the velcro and paint, then restick it on.
Fun quick project finished in an afternoon. : )
I also finished up my kitty apron design with matching pot holders.
And then tested out a few more embroidery designs.

Lastly I cut out my final set of thorns for my Heart's Desire blocks.
I hope to have my last set of blocks almost finished by this time next week.
Will post updated photo's then.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What's Happening - New Quilt Alongs

I ran across two new quilt along's today that I wanted to share. Both look like tons of fun.  I've caught up on some of my past projects so I may just join in on the fun.
First we have a "Kaleidoscope Quilt Along" over at "Don't Call Me Betsy".  I have always wanted to do a Kaleidoscope quilt.  So I think I'll keep copies up to date on what is happening until I gather up the fabric to join in. 
Kaleidoscope QAL Lap Size mock-up 
Meanwhile, I think I have enough fabric right now to join in on this next one called "Summer Sampler Quilt Along" over at "Fresh Lemon Quilts".  
1000px Summer Sampler Series Banner 
Back to some quick embroidery and room clean up today and I think I'll have time to start my first block on the summer sampler series. : )
Remember - all links to fun new projects are always posted on my Mystery Quilts and More link page.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WIP Wednesday

It's Wednesday again, and I've been quite busy.

I've been doing a lot, and I do mean a lot....
of embroidery work this past week or so.

The first set is called "Country Chickens" from Ace Point Embroidery.  

I love chickens and since my house is a early 1900's farm house, I'm doing the whole kitchen in a chicken/country theme.  It all started with some old antique chicken/rooster salt n pepper shakers passed down to me from my mom.

Next a embroidery swap buddy sent me some really nice chicken kitchen towels.

So now I'm adding to the theme. I'm going to do some place-mats, hot mitts, potholders, and napkins with some of these stitch-outs.  Then I want to do a whole table cover to coordinate with some of the folk art floral designs.

I made this recipe book cover today.  It's just a basic  3-ring binder and I'll add some clear page holders to
insert my favorite recipe's into it later.

Recognize the fabric.  I have used it in my "Hearts Desire" Applique quilt project as well as it is the same fabric I used to cover my ironing boards a week or so ago.  And I still have lots of it left, so you'll probably be seeing more of it.

I'm still working on the Jacobean embroidery blocks to make a quilt for my Mom.
You saw a little of this project last week.

As you can see, I've added quite a few more blocks since then.

And of course I'm still playing with border idea's 

I've also added a few Jacobean birds into the mix.
They were just to nice to pass up.  These designs are also from Ace Point Embroidery.  I'm not affiliated, just love her designs and do some testing for her, so you'll see a lot of what is new  over at Ace Point, here on my blog.

Check out these cute birds.  What can I say, but they were just to adorable to pass up.
I have no idea what I'm going to make with them yet.

And then there was these butterflies.  Again, i don't know exactly what to make yet, but I'm sure I'll find something. : )

I finished the cute little kitty apron, and just need to put the binding on the pot holders.
I showed it to some family members and now it looks like I need to make more.  So I've cut out four more sets.
Each will have different embroidery.

And I have more pot holders in the works...

Lastly, I'm still cutting out more applique leaves for my Hearts Desire Blocks.

I ran out of my original green, so I need to do some fabric hunting before I can proceed.
I have not been able to do any of my evening stitching on this for about four day's now, and I'm not so patiently waiting for the opportunity to finish these blocks up so that I can start the first border.  It's all so exciting seeing it come together.  It's kind of like waiting the arrival of a special gift.  
Have a great week everyone.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Looking for some fun? New QAL's.

I ran across a couple new quilt-alongs today that I thought I would share .  

A Zig and A Zag Quilt Along

The first one is called "A Zig and A Zag" located over at the "Cut To Pieces" blog. This sounds like a lot of fun, but not sure I have the time to start it right now. But I'll defiantly be considering it.  I have these lingering UFO's weighing heavy on my mind lately, with about 10 starter projects patiently waiting in my pizza boxes, for me to attend to sometime in the near future.

Next we have "Rockin Robin" QAL - located over at "Renna Lily's" blog and at "That Crazy Quilt Girls" blog.
It is looking pretty tempting to me..... but alas, I know I just can't start another project this month.

I hope anyone reading enjoy these links.
I have a whole list of activities going on right now on my "Mystery Quilts & More" page.
If you know of more fun projects others might like to join in on - please share the link so I can add it.
Have a great Day Everyone!

Friday, July 8, 2011

New Quilt Blocks Started

I'm starting another quilt.  This time the blocks are all embroidered.  If you've read some of my blog posts before you'll remember how I love to multi-task. So while I was cutting out many many leaves for my hearts desire applique quilt, I felt an awe of quiet in  my sewing room.  I could have put on some music I suppose, but instead I decided to turn on my embroidery machine and start making a quilt for my mom.  (Shhhh - Brenda don't tell her - it's a surprise). LOL  "Brenda's my sister and she reads my blogs often, so I have to let her know".

Today, Mom and Brenda were over for a BBQ and I pulled out the blocks and some of my other projects and let them browse through.  Mom immediately went to the blocks - I could see how she loved the colors and design.  Her bedroom and master bath are done in pinks and peach's.
 I told her how I test out designs for Ace Point Embroidery and that most of my test out's I make into pot holders and other small items.  (Quick and easy gifts for later).  But I didn't mention to her that this particular block was going to be a quilt for her.  I think by her big smile as she was looking at them that she'll love this quilt.  This first one is a corner, or i could add one of those borders that are points to this quilt and emb. one of these in each point.  (not sure what they call that border, but I love the look).

I like this smaller border too - maybe for shashing.  And then something a little larger like the next photo below for the first outer border.

I still have some more designs to test out, some blocks with birds and flower on it and many other border options, so I guess once I'm done with the initial testing, I'll make a decision on the design layout.

Now I can cut my Heart's Desire pcs. and  not feel like I'm not getting anywhere fast enough.  I have so many idea's and not near enough time to get it all done in my lifetime. Or so it seems.

I also have to decide on which color's to use.  The first block photo I did with a very light pink, peach and off white.  I love how soft it is.
The rest of these were done with light pink, peach and then a reg. pink.  They are brighter but still very pretty.
I think maybe I should have asked Mom which color combo she liked while she was here.  I might take them over to her place when I visit her in a few days, then I'll know for sure.

Here is some other designs I've been testing.  I don't know what to make with these little test out's yet.  Brenda and Mom suggested I put some iron on backing onto them, and sell them on Etsy so that people can just iron them onto little girl's dresses, bags, etc.  I wonder how well that would hold up?   Hugs and have a great weekend. : )

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

WIP Wednesday

It's been a couple weeks since I posted.  Been mainly working in the yard and garden, but do still get a little time to sew and quilt.  Right now my WIP's are covering my two ironing boards.  They are in desperate need for new cloth.
I added a layer of batting on top of the liner to both boards.  I like a little more padding then they originally had.

This little portable board I just picked up at a yard sale last week for 1.00.  Can't beat the price. It has little fold up legs and will work great for all that applique ironing I need to do. : )

I decided to go with the yellow check, to match my room.  Right now it's just draped over the board, but I think I'm going to really like it.  A little brighter then my walls, but that's ok.  It'll be nice and cheery. : )

While I was cutting my batting for my boards, I was doing some test out embroidery on my embroidery machine.  I always multi-task as much as possible.  No reason to waste valuable time.

My first block 4 is almost done.  I still need to do my detail stitching, but am waiting to do it on all the blocks at once.  I LOVE this block.  Here it is below laid out with some of the other blocks.  I don't know how they will go together, it's still a mystery, but so far this is my favorite quilt of all time.
It took me forever to decide on the colors for the vase in this block. Seemed everything I picked out at first was either to bold and took away the eye to itself, or was to modern for the whole country look of the quilt .  I tried to do the top of the vase braided as per the pattern, but it came out awful.  It's my first hand applique after all, so I guess I'll have to practice on things like braiding to get the hang of it.

I made a couple pillows for my Son's birthday.  He's in his 30's but since he loves geometric designs, I thought he'd like these for his couch.  The center is embroidered, and the outer border is using a decorative stitch.

And lastly, I am still slowly working on my "Home Sweet Home" wall quilt.  I am terrible at angles and it took me several tries to get these blocks to fit.  Even then, they still were off on most.  But I'll let it be and hopefully be able to quilt out some of the inconsistencies. LOL